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Is now the moment to cultivate a Mullet?

  wee eddie 13:11 06 Apr 2020

Lockdown started a few days before my monthly visit to the Barber was due, so I'm now getting a tad shaggy.

My younger brother affects an Australian Drover's Raincoat and a wide brimmed hat, but is a mere youngster of 66. I am wondering if I should call his bluff and start growing a mullet, as there is little likelihood of a visit to the barber for a couple of months, at the very least.

However, that's only going to give me an extra inch, or so. So there would be an easy opt-out, sometime in June!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:38 06 Apr 2020

Summers coming - just shave it all off you can grow it again for the winter.

Oh i may be talking about grass not hair :0)

  Brumas 15:03 06 Apr 2020

wee eddie,

join the club, with my grey beard and grey hair getting longer Fran says I'm looking like an extra from Game of Thrones!!

  Forum Editor 17:24 06 Apr 2020

"...just shave it all off"

My neighbour - a very straight-laced member of one of the professions - has done just that, and he now looks like a thug in a third rate gangster movie.

My wife has made me promise not to do the same.

  Brumas 17:32 06 Apr 2020


I think you should! We could all pledge £5 or £10 each and the money raised donated to the frontline NHS ;o}

P.S. We would, of course need to see a picture of you after the event just to be sure!

  BT 17:51 06 Apr 2020

"...just shave it all off"

Don't have much anyway, mostly round the edges. Gave it the regular once over yesterday. 6mm comb on the clippers and an all over mow. Should see me OK for a couple of months. Haven't been to a Barbers for about 15 years and just recently bought my 2nd pair of rechargeable clippers after the first set's batteries gave up. Saved a fortune on Barbers charges. Ist clippers cost me £9.99 in Lidl and 2nd set just recently cost £30

  Forum Editor 18:09 06 Apr 2020

"We would, of course need to see a picture of you after the event just to be sure!"

It's not going to happen - my wife has decided.

  wee eddie 18:26 06 Apr 2020

SWMBO rules

  john bunyan 21:31 06 Apr 2020

My wife has cut my (now almost gone from the top) hair for 20 or more years. Bought new electric clippers from Argos last year. I’d love to grow anything, never mind a mullet.

I saw myself in a shop mirror a month ago and thought “ Who’s that old guy”?

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