Now I'm SURE Motorists Are An Easy Target

  BigRik 16:29 25 Jan 2010

About an hour ago, I was driving my youngest home from school, which is in a nearby village. As I turned the corner to exit the village, a police van, of the dog van type, was coming in the opposite direction. As I carried on, I looked in my rear view mirror, and noticed said van was turning around. Can't be anything I've done, I thought.

He pulls me over about half way home, and asks if I was in a hurry. I told him I had no idea what he was on about as I know I was doing less than 30mph. I looked at my speedo, it was showing just under, 27/8mph as I was exiting the bend. He disagreed.

Basically, in his opinion, I was speeding.

I was not.

I was on the opposite side of the road as I came around the bend.

I was not.

I was forced to take evasive action.

I was not.

He said I was lucky he didn't have a camera on board as he would have had me in court for excessive speed.

I wish he did, so he could see just how poor his vision and human judgement of speed is!

Someone was having a bad day at work methinks.

Out of interest, could plod summons someone to court for speeding without video evidence?

  BigRik 16:32 25 Jan 2010 I was exiting the bend.

To be more accurate, I had exited the bend.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:41 25 Jan 2010

I don't think, "I think he was going too fast" would be sufficient evidence!

  natdoor 16:49 25 Jan 2010

I believe that for speeding there must be concrete evidence such as speed gun, camera or timed pursuit over a reasonable distance. For careless or dangerous driving it would be a question of evidence from police and witnesses against the driver's testimony.

  johndrew 16:49 25 Jan 2010

A number of questions come to mind, such as are there centre markings on the road, were you both on your own side of the road, is the road wide enough for two "normal" size vehicles to pass safely if not are there road signs warning of this, what speed was the other vehicle doing, was the driver distracted, and various in a similar vein.

In answer to your final question, yes he could report you, but it would be his word against yours in the absence of other evidence/witnesses and the CPS (or other advisory body) may well decide not to proceed. I should add that I know of one case where a driver was prosecuted for excessive speed, but there were two independent witnesses and the driver admitted the offence.

It could also be, as you say, "a bad day at work" or possibly he was low on his "numbers", or maybe his dog had bitten him.

  Hercule Marple 17:42 25 Jan 2010

Maybe he was dog tired.

  peter99co 18:30 25 Jan 2010

A very old friend of mine had a single cylinder motorbike and was the only one of it's kind in the local area. One quiet Sunday he was pulled up by the beat bobby for speeding. How do you know if I am speeding he had asked. Easy said the bobby I know where you have been and heard you coming back and the time you took to get here was a lot less than it should have been. Also your rpm in top gear was far to high to be riding at 30 mph.

He let him off with a warning.

  brindly 18:32 25 Jan 2010

It is not possible to judge the speed of a vehicle when you are traveling in the opposite direction. I can remember a case which was thrown out because the pedestrians could not be relied on to judge the speed of the vehicle. Even the speed guns can be questioned as to their accuracy, when were they last calibrated. I think he just wanted to justify his pay.

  amonra 18:38 25 Jan 2010

Just dont argue. You can NEVER beat the police. Maybe this time he will let you off, but his mates will keep an eye out for your next little slip.

  egapup 19:06 25 Jan 2010

Pity they aint so quick to catch real crooks.

  BigRik 19:21 25 Jan 2010

You've got that right.

Saturday evening, I had to make a dash home in the middle of a overtime shift because my eldest boy had phoned to tell me someone had just thrown a lump of concrete through our back door window panel.

Wife had phoned the police who arrived after I got home, and when they did their thing and left, my wife told me they apologized for taking a little longer than they would have liked, but they had to deal with a speeding motorist on the way!

Sums the plod up I suppose.

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