Now I'm Being Blamed for the Destruction of the Green Belt!

  oresome 20:52 24 Oct 2013

Elderly to blame for housing crisis, indicates minister.

Old people and immigrants are forcing the Government to relax planning rules and allow more houses to be built on the greenbelt, Nick Boles has said.

Link to Telegraph article

click here week I was blamed for not taking my fair share of the financial pain caused by the recession.

The politicians don't seem to be courting my vote.


  woodchip 21:34 24 Oct 2013

He must be an idiot. Wait while its his turn

  rdave13 22:17 24 Oct 2013

oresome it's you're fault then. Just sue the Gov. as they did not notify you of your responsibility until it was an afterthought. This country is a walkover and gone to the bloody dogs. It is also getting worse.

  Forum Editor 22:35 24 Oct 2013



I've been hearing people say the country has gone to the dogs for as long as I can remember, and my father told me that it was being said before the Second world war.

Travel the world a bit, and you soon realise what a great country this is, compared to lots of other places/

  rdave13 22:52 24 Oct 2013

I've been hearing people say the country has gone to the dogs for as long as I can remember. Fair comment but that was then and not now. FE do you think this country is in a mess or not? Do you think the future of any new born child in this country would have the chance of either further education or even securing any job?

This country used to be 'Great' but it doesn't give a 'fig' about its indigenous people.

  Joseph Kerr 00:06 25 Oct 2013

If you're going to try to invoke the idea of our indigenous people, you have your work cut out.

  rdave13 00:21 25 Oct 2013

Joseph Kerr , it's not only that, but our children are going to face our incompetence at running this country. I'm not religious but all that comes to my mind is "God help them" in the future.

  Kevscar1 06:14 25 Oct 2013

Should.nt that be Alien Lifeform help them

  fourm member 09:43 25 Oct 2013

Er, what he seems to have said is that immigration, the target for some right-wing Tories as well as UKIP etc, is not the major cause of increases in the need for housing.

It is usually a good idea to read the whole story not just the headline because there is often no connection between the two.

  Kev.Ifty 09:56 25 Oct 2013

Nick Boles' family apparently has 300 acres of land in Devon. I recon there are loads of people that would like to live in Devon.

  HondaMan 10:20 25 Oct 2013

If they had not allowed the sales of council houses when Maggie was in No.10, we would be in a better position now.

What happened, I wonder, to all that loot which the council's made?

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