Now for an ice age?

  nangadef 09:44 15 Jun 2011

Forget global warming

  sunnystaines 10:06 15 Jun 2011

global warming has been thrashed to death by the leftie/green/unclean lot now time to change ideas and flog the new ice age concept.

  Grey Goo 10:28 15 Jun 2011


It is possible that one will cause the other.

  Quickbeam 11:03 15 Jun 2011

Will this herald a second Viking invasion as their frozen homelands become uninhabitable? Will the rightful heir of Hardrada take his place on our throne that was stolen by that Norman whatsisname bloke...?

  proudfoot 12:20 15 Jun 2011

I recall I think in the 1970s a mini ice age was being forcast. I have always been sceptial as to "global warming" The earth has been warming for the last 10000 years with the occasional cooler period. There have been periods in the earths ancient history prior to 10000 years ago when the climate was hotter and cooler than the last Ice Age. I believe the primary reason for global temperature changes is due in the main to variations in the radiation from the sun as quoted in nangadef's link and also the amount of volacanic activity.

  sunnystaines 16:49 15 Jun 2011

the only way for an ice age to come back is if the warm undercurrent from the carribean to british waters diverts elsewhere or stops.

  Grey Goo 19:37 15 Jun 2011

I believe the theory is along the lines that Global warming will melt the Polar caps.Fresh water generated will sink as it is less dense.This will divert or completely stop the Atlantic conveyor(as mentioned by Sunny Staines). This will result in Igloos at Torquay. Or it might not.

  wids001 14:35 16 Jun 2011

Why are we suddenly talking about Global Warming again! The experts ditched that phrase a few years back when it was realised that global temperatures were actually falling! More recently the "in" phrase has been Climate Change. Of course, unlike Global Warming, this new phrase can be attributed to even the slightest change in the weather.

Now it would appear that even this phrase has run its time and, as Sunnystaines characterises so well, the "leftie/green/unclean lot" are now trying to flog the idea of an ice age.

It ain't gonna happen!

Every few years there is a slight change in what's called the Atlantic Conveyer and this was attributed to El Nino. Apparently El Nino no longer happens. The resulting change that El Nino caused still does though and more recently this effect, we are told, is down to climate change .

  oresome 14:47 16 Jun 2011

"Fresh water generated will sink as it is less dense"

Er, are you sure?

  sunnystaines 16:06 16 Jun 2011

if the ice caps melt most of the water will bulge around the equator causing most of the raised water levels. the further away from the equator the lesser the the flooding all to do with the spin of the earth and gravity saw a doc on tv about

  Housten 17:07 16 Jun 2011

Whenever this is mentioned I always ask about the formation of the Highlands. Although a Scot most of my education was in England and it was in geography that I found out about ( I think ) a 300/500 foot thick ice sheet that came down and covered the whole of Britain and into France. The disappearance of this ice was never accepted by "global warmers" as being of any importance, especially as I wanted to know how many millions of cars and industries there were some 10 - 12 thousand years ago. I also think that these days the greens and lib dems just want us back in the Middle Ages, so I now ignore them.

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