Now I Know Im Getting Old!

  crosstrainer 11:20 18 May 2009

...Never thought I'd be a grumpy, noise conscience person.

Hell...I have two dog's and they make a fair bit of noise from time to time.

I live in a very quiet, "Green" areas of Cardiff

Last night, a small group of teenagers coming home from (see stuartlis pos)

Came past the house...Dog's grumbled (not bark, just that low "In the throat" thing they do)

Me on the other hand went out...Made a complete fool of myself by suggesting that "They take themselves elsewhere"

Oh dear....Now I really feel awful.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:39 18 May 2009

Your first name would'nt be Victor would it?

I think we all get there at some point in our lives.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:48 18 May 2009

I have an similar intermittent problem with my neighbours son, coming back innebrated and shouting out all the offensive language under the sun (or moon usually). That's not so conducive to what my young son needs to hear.

If only my guard cat was a better deterrent.....

  peter99co 13:03 18 May 2009

You should not 'stand out' as this may cause them to remember you and decide to 'wind up the silly old b down the road'

Keep your head down!

  Clapton is God 14:03 18 May 2009

I've been a grumpy old man for more years than I care to remember (as Mrs Clapton is God reminds me on a regular basis).

One of my (many) gripes is with cyclists who ride on the pavement.

Yesterday I was walking along the pavement and one of these oafs (probably in his late-teens) came cycling towards me at Warp factor 6, narrowly avoiding me as he thundered past.

I took the opportunity to inform him that he was a prat as he hurtled by. I then proceeded on my way.

A minute or so later, the same oaf reappeared by my side and grunted something which I assumed was in English and which was, apparently, an enquiry as to whom I thought was a prat and why. I had also suddenly been ‘elevated’ to being his “mate”.

I informed this individual that, in fact, I wasn’t his “mate” as I didn’t know him from Adam, and that he was a prat for cycling illegally on the pavement.

He then enquired as to why it was illegal to cycle on the pavement (!!!).

I asked him whether or not he was able to read, to which I received an affirmative response.

“In which case” I replied, “I suggest that you go away and read the Highway Code, where you’ll find that it states quite clearly that it’s illegal to cycle on the pavement and, in fact, has been since 1835”.

He them mumbled something else, none of which I could understand, as he seemed to have switched from English to Brain-dead teen speak or some other language with which I’m not familiar. However, I did catch several instances of a 4-letter word beginning with F.

“Excellent”, I said, “now please cycle off, ideally on the road, and go away and play with an unexploded bomb or something similar”.

He rode off. I walked off.

  peter99co 14:26 18 May 2009

I had a friend who had a similar experience on a Canal Towpath. He had three cyclists bearing down on him and 'braced himself for impact' One of the cyclists helped the other two out of the water.

  Stuartli 14:38 18 May 2009

I once nearly got mowed down on a town centre pavement by a cyclist steering one-handed between pedestrians because he was using a mobile phone....

I'll not repeat what I said to him in a family forum, other than to say that it was on the same street as the now infamous 72-year-old skateboarder seen on TV a little while back.

  oldbeefer2 14:45 18 May 2009

Trouble is now if you stand up to people like this, you're liable to be given a severe dose of GBH as well as an earful!

  crosstrainer 15:26 18 May 2009

Only 5 houses hee, the track between the local pub and the rail station is 5 miles

Keep my he3ad down? No way

I fight on.

  crosstrainer 15:28 18 May 2009

As in mildrew? Or meldrew..

No ... or maybe yes!

Intolerance as I age?

  ened 18:25 18 May 2009

Your experience reminded me of an incident in Newquay a few years ago.

A yob on a cycle was haring down the pavement outside the Post Office when plod told him to stop.

He shouted something gave two fingers and continued on his way.

Plod had a mate in a Panda further down the road and got on his radio.

I would love to have been present to hear the resultant exchange.

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