now i know i need new glasses?

  [DELETED] 22:52 31 May 2006

Oh how I longed for payday!!! I had my superfast BB connection activated last week, a nice wireless adls/router delivered and set up, but no wireless connection until payday asi had to wait for my bank hoilday payments (from easter and mayday) + overtime so that I could get my laptop adapter....

I have spent several frustrating hours trying to solve way I could get a signal a very good one at that, but try as I might I couldn't connect to the net or in fact my server/router, every time I tried all I get was can't connect to sever????? Even though it was showing my server and another near by wireless network (I wonder which one of my neighbours has wireless network, shall have to have a natter tomorrow)

I've just decided to double check my SSID on my router, and yes guess what with squinting with my glasses on reading ones at that, I realised that the very last digit was infact 9 and not the 8 that I first thought!!!!

The moral in this story is that I need to go and get new glasses of which I've have guessed many a time that I really do need them....

  [DELETED] 14:57 01 Jun 2006

Spec savers are good ;-)

  amonra 16:58 01 Jun 2006

Join the club ! I have to treble check my typing all the time.

  [DELETED] 17:00 01 Jun 2006

I had to repeat my credit card number several times the other day cos I could not make out the numbers. Why cant they use sensible looking numbers and colours?

  Forum Editor 20:00 01 Jun 2006

I agree. I have one credit card that's silver in colour (or as they call it - platinum), and the numbers are a kind of titanium/grey. You have to have the eyesight of a giant Condor to read them.

By way of contrast, I have an American bank card which is navy blue. The numbers are like polished chrome - they leap out at you, and are ridiculously easy to read.

Someone should think about those of us who don't have the vision of a fighter pilot when they design credit cards.

  Mike D 11:30 02 Jun 2006

I find that trying to read Windows Product Key stickers, situated sideways on, down the back of the PC with me and my Vari-focals is an object lesson in futility. Can't read with them on, and can't see with them off.


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