Now that I have come up for air.......

  Forum Editor 19:40 19 May 2005

A few words on the subject of the strange goings on over the past 24 hours or so.

Many of you will have seen that last night we had a disturbing outbreak of threats to "bring this site down". The threads and posts were published by two individuals who made all kinds of claims about their political affiliations, and spiced up their posts with a sprinkling of sexual and racial comments - all of which were totally unacceptable. Hundreds of duplicate threads and posts appeared, and I was kept pretty busy dealing with those.

Today we have seen a third individual who thought it was amusing to assume the identities of several existing forum members and to make a thorough nuisance of himself. I know who this person is, and I am taking steps to deal with him.

This kind of thing is disruptive in the extreme, and of course that's just what the people involved are aiming at - they have an agenda of their own, and as is usual with such people, they play their games anonymously. If someone has a problem with the way we run things I'm always prepared to discuss it privately, via email, but what I will not do is tolerate people who skulk in the shadows. There are steps we can take to deal with these individuals and we'll be doing that.

In the meantime, two apologies from me:-

1. I'm sorry that you all had to put up with last night's fun and games - it prevented many of you from getting the help you needed, and for that I apologise. I was simply too busy to be able to say much then, so I'm saying it now.

2. Today's impersonations have caused confusion - my mailbox is overflowing with emails and I'm not going to be able to answer all of them, so once again - my apologies. I think most regular members know my writing style well enough to be aqble to distinguish between the real me and the imposter - if you're in any doubt you only have to email me and ask!

Perhaps I might ask one thing for the future. If anything like this happens again, it will help enormously if you can avoid reacting in the open forum. Deny the perpetrators the oxygen of knowing that they've provoked a response and we'll be better able to resume normal service. I received hundreds of emails during the evening - so many that the company mail-server locked my mailbox, I've only just received many of the messages.

We're a big, busy web forum, and we are bound to attract trouble from time to time. It won't stop us, and I am certainly not about to be intimidated by anyone who doesn't have the courage to face up to me personally about a grudge or a perceived slight.

Thanks for reading this far - I'll leave you all in peace to get on with the business in hand.

  spikeychris 19:49 19 May 2005

Haven’t posted here for a while but I have been popping in and out. There seems to be more than the usual number of special people posting and one or two people asking where the FE is. Spend an hour or so modding a forum with 167,112 members as a side line whist trying to earn a living.

Keep up the fantastic job Peter


  Forum Editor 19:51 19 May 2005

much appreciated, and good to see you again (in a manner of speaking).

  stalion 20:02 19 May 2005

Dealt with expertly and speedily must have been a lot of work well done

  Pooke100 20:07 19 May 2005

No need to appologise, we appreciate your work here.


  MidgetMan 20:15 19 May 2005

Been ill for awhile and only popped in over last few days to catch up, was both suprised and unhappy at what was going on.

Really good to see you are sorting it out FE, a thankless task at the best of times we know, your hard work and dedication is appreciated.

  Joe R 20:23 19 May 2005

Forum Editor,

Unluckily, (or luckily perhaps), I wasn't online at the time, and so, missed the "shenanigans".

I am sure the vast majority of the users in this forum, must have a fair idea, of the amount of work involved in the day to day running of the site, particularly, when you have your usual working with the mag' to deal with.

Sir, I think that there is certainly no need for you to apologise, for a matter, which was certainly not of your making.

Maybe the goings-on, will let a lot of other regulars, see how well the forum is run, when not being plunged into "chaos" by the few who seem to be lacking, the words, civility and manners in their vocabulary.

Keep up the good work sir, in the best forum, I have ever been a part of.

  Ancient Learner 20:43 19 May 2005

I'm very glad to say that I was not available last evening when all this was going on - I was busy getting some very unusual hands at Bridge, and constantly going down :((.

It all sounds horrendous, and I, for one, am most pleased that our honourable F.E. 'sorted' it for us all. Thank you.

  Dan the Doctus 20:58 19 May 2005

Yup, nice one FE. Good job well done.

On a Yahoo chatroom this kind of behaviour is commonplace, and shows how much better a well run forum with a decent Moderator is by comparison.

  The Spires 21:41 19 May 2005

Point regarding reacting taken on board.

  g0slp 21:54 19 May 2005

As one who was spoofed, I've emailed you direct, but I've taken note of your point above about replies.

In the meantime, thanks again for your efforts on behalf of us; not just for this mayhem.

Kind regards,

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