NOW final edition

  Graham* 23:08 28 Nov 2011

Your last chance for a bargain ebay

  Forum Editor 23:10 28 Nov 2011

For once I'm lost for words.

  Graham* 23:20 28 Nov 2011

I've asked a question about the crossword. We'll never know the solution now.

  wee eddie 22:07 29 Nov 2011

I've made a .99p offer. I tried to go 20p but eBay would not accept that low.

  Graham* 22:59 29 Nov 2011

Received a response to my 'crossword' question: 'No it hasn't been touched'.

That's a relief - nothing worse than paying £10,000 for a newspaper only to find someone's done the crossword.

  Autoschediastic 07:46 30 Nov 2011

Graham* lool made me laugh!

Ive STILL got mine upstairs & although i dont think ive got the supplement the paper was read once and i put it away...IF anyone wants it just buy me an i7 (Desktop) with the 990x Or the AMD Bulldog chip in it and a nice GTX590 & this paper's yours! :-)

  QuizMan 09:08 30 Nov 2011

I still have a last day edition of the Today newspaper, 17 Nov 1995. It cost me 27p. I wonder if that was a wise investment.

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