Now Fieldfare & Redwing...again.

  muddypaws 14:40 19 Jan 2013

Any sightings?

As usual not a trace in DA3 7

  Macscouse 15:20 19 Jan 2013

Plenty of fieldfare up here in Nairnshire, but the redwing are few and far between this winter.

  muddypaws 19:19 19 Jan 2013



Never been to Scotland and I know I have missed a lot by not visiting.

I did actually have a youth club holiday in the 50's close to Braemar and had a day at the games. I see they still do take place---- on 7th Sept this year.

  Bing.alau 19:31 19 Jan 2013

muddypaws. Jock1e and Macscouse are two very different people. Macscouse comes from Liverpool in England and I strongly suspect that Jock1e is from Bonnie Scotland. Macscouse confused the issue by marrying the L.H.O. (Long Haired One). She is the boss and volunteered him to live up there somewhere remote.

  muddypaws 21:19 19 Jan 2013


Now I am confused!

Where on earth did I 'copy' . Jock1e from!

Probably from a previous thread I replied to.

Grey matter letting me down again.

Well spotted anyway.

  Belatucadrus 21:48 20 Jan 2013

Not sign of either but they usualy turn up to feed on the windfalls around our appletrees, unfortunately this year the crop was almost non existant and what there was got eaten months ago. So if they do arrive times are going to be real tough.

  Bing.alau 12:16 21 Jan 2013

Get yourself off to the local fruit and veg shop and buy a bag of apples. Cut out a hole with you apple coring device and stick the apples on to a twig on your trees, any old tree will do. Try to leave the pips in the apple by cutting through at an angle, so the dickie birds can have a go at them too. I did that last week and the birds loved them. (So did my lovely red squirrel, I sometimes see two but not often).

If I see more than two squirrels I assume I have had too much rum.

  skeletal 13:03 21 Jan 2013

Some years we get a lot of Fieldfares and Redwings around where I live near Birmingham. They seem to arrive in a large flock (is that the correct term for a collection of Redwings and Fieldfares?!), stay a few days and then go.

There can also be individual stragglers. This year, I think I may have seen one Fieldfare across the road, but it was too far away/poor light to be sure (it may have been a Thrush).

Last week there were hundreds (literally) of Goldfinches flying/settling in tall trees near our house.

We put a lot of food out for the birds, including a load of bird seed (assorted mix), but for some reason they mostly seem to ignore the seed and prefer brown bread.

Good idea about the apples.


PS As some may have seen a post I made a few weeks back, for some reason I can no longer start threads. It will be interesting to see if this reply will appear (replies to threads did work earlier).

  QuizMan 16:29 21 Jan 2013

No redwings in BR5, but fieldfares have put in their first ever appearance in my suburban garden, 6 of them as I write. They are feasting on apples my wife has put out, having previously stripped my pyracantha bushes.

Blackbirds are, to me, the biggest surprise. I am in double figures at times. I thought they were very territorial, but I suppose times are hard.

Jays, too, are much in evidence. They are most entertaining to watch. They prefer monkey nuts and have a habit of picking them up in their beaks one by one and shaking them. They seem to be working out which ones are heaviest. Just one wagtail that had a very narrow escape from a swooping sparrowhawk yesterday.

  flycatcher1 19:49 21 Jan 2013

No Fieldfares or Red Wings so far this Winter at OX28 but we do have a solitary Black Cap that has taken permanent residence at our feeding station. Likes the fat balls best but does eat seeds but not nuts.

  QuizMan 20:49 21 Jan 2013

I posted this image taken in my garden to a thread on this forum a couple of weeks ago. It spent the next couple of days stripping the berries helped by numerous blackbirds. Fieldfare

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