Notting Hill Carnival

  Flak999 21:37 25 Aug 2011

Is almost upon us. In view of the recent disturbances do you think the Mayor of London in conjunction with the Met Police have been sensible in allowing the event to go ahead?

There will be approximately 10000 police available for duty during the carnival, is this enough to prevent trouble or are we going to see scenes of major disorder again?

Policing the Carnival

  Forum Editor 22:45 25 Aug 2011

I hope we're not going to see scenes of major disorder at the Carnival. Around a million people attend,and in recent years arrests have remained fairly static at about 200 - mainly for what the Police call 'non-serious crime'.

I've been working in Notting Hill over the past week, and expectations are high that all will be well. One of the reasons that large numbers of Police are required is the difficulty of moving officers rapidly through streets packed with people if they are needed. Police officers are scattered throughout the crowds in small groups, so wherever you are you can almost always see uniforms.

For those who have never attended I can recommend the experience - the atmosphere is generally happy and relaxed, the music is great, and the carnival costumes are absolutely amazing.

  sunnystaines 08:58 26 Aug 2011

should be moved to a large stadium, not fair to residents and it would keep the costs down.

someone should be firm with them and say have it in a stadium or not at all, shame really as all the good people that take part in the carnival have their day spoilt by gangs of black youths hijacking it to cause riot and disorder so they can loot.

  QuizMan 09:21 26 Aug 2011

I really would not like to see this great event taken off the streets. That would go against the original principle of carnival to replicate scenes on the West Indies. I know people involved in the organisation of some of the floats and they would be mortified at that prospect. They have spent the last 12 months preparing for their day.

The troubles of years gone by when carnival was a by-word for late night disturbances have largely disappeared. Yes, crime still happens, but that is no more than you get at any mass build up of people.

The Met Police have already carried out raids on suspected trouble-makers which hopefully will help.

sunnystaines - be very careful with your reference to black youth. I have seen up close some of those passing through the magistrates' courts and there is a broad spread of individuals of whatever colour.

  interzone55 10:57 26 Aug 2011


Have you ever seen the Notting Hill Carnival?

It's not an event that can take place in a stadium, or even a really big park. It takes over the streets and that's a major part of what makes it such an amazing event.

As you move from place to place you get music from a different band or DJ, it's more like a festival than a procession.

Regarding possible disorder, the Met have been been carrying out pre-emptive raids on known trouble makers...

  spuds 11:09 26 Aug 2011

It might come as no surprise, that there are a number of 'Notting Hill' carnivals around parts of the UK with Afro-Caribbean ties, as there are for other sects of communities with perhaps religious or gender ties that have their parades and festivals.

Where I live we have many of these events every year, and every year we hear the same about 'our' festivals and parades, that this year will be the last, mainly due to poor funding. Every year they always seems to survive, perhaps on a lesser scale to the year before though. Insurance cover seems to be a major problem in having these events, participation is usually based on voluntary help, which can only be a good community appreciation and achievement.

Which regards to violence, crime and order, is this any different to any 'normal' weekend in any city, town or village?.

  interzone55 11:38 26 Aug 2011


200 arrests amongst 1,000,000 people attending the festival is low, much less as a % than many a football match...

  morddwyd 20:43 26 Aug 2011

If you like I'll dig out my H&S hat, come out of retirement and find some reason for banning it!

It shouldn't be hard.

We lost our late night Christmas shopping night on H & S grounds so a wild carnival shouldn't be any problem!

  Flak999 17:42 27 Aug 2011

Seems like tensions are rising carnival tensions high

Will letting the carnival go ahead in the wake of the riots prove to be the biggest mistake the Mayor and the Met have made?

  Flak999 18:18 27 Aug 2011

fourm member

Fortunately I don't live anywhere near Notting hill, so know need for the barricades fortunately! I understand shops business and homes in the area are having to pay almost £400 to have their premises secured from the party goers!

I have never been to the carnival other than when I was on duty, as the LFB provides fire cover for the event, and there was a palpable sense of menace in the area particularly after dark.

The demographics of the area have changed greatly since the carnivals inception and I believe it is totally unsuitable to have this event in the area in which it is held. It should be moved to one of the parks where it can be policed effectively.

I suppose we shall have to await events to see what happens, but if we have major disorder as is quite likely, it will spell the end for the carnival on the streets of Notting hill.

  sunnystaines 18:21 27 Aug 2011


yes many years ago and witnessed the riots at acklam passage on several occasions,hence my view for the sake of locals put it in wembley and televise the parades to help pay for it. it those days it was not so much looting but running around wrecking the place and very intense lobing of bottles and bricks and the police and other officials the yobs were all of afro or west indian type. perhaps these days they might be more mixed not been near that area for a while.

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