Nothing Lasts

  morddwyd 20:57 08 Nov 2011

When we got married in 1961 we were given a nice canteen of silver plated cutlery, but needed some everyday "common or garden" stuff, so we nipped down to Woolworths and bought half a dozen knives.

They cost 4d each, 2/- (that's 10p in today's money).

Now the damned handle has come off one of them.

Do you think it's any good getting on to the receivers as a belated creditor?

  Aitchbee 21:20 08 Nov 2011

My Mum, won, wooden handled knives (6) at the bingo, in Saltcoats, circa, 1966, and they are still on pristine condition.

  Aitchbee 21:27 08 Nov 2011

...I forgot to add, I still use them today.The wooden handles are a joy.

  Forum Editor 23:43 08 Nov 2011

In my office I have a gold capped Parker 51 fountain pen that belonged to my father.After his death I had it cleaned up and serviced,and was told it was made in 1948. I use it regularly, and have no reason to think it won't go on for many years yet. It's the best pen I've ever used.

  Quickbeam 09:11 09 Nov 2011

I still use a silver plate set of cutlery daily that my parents got as a wedding present in 1948. A lot of the plate has worn through, especially the spoons where you pull your lips across them in use, the edges of the fork prongs have worn away with touching plates over the years so that they are a rounded profile instead of square, but the knives, having hard stainless blades, have hardly any wear on them although the bone handles are well age worn.

I've never replaced them when refitting the kitchen over the years, strange how we cling onto some things that remind us of an age gone by.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:23 09 Nov 2011

silver cutlery bought in 61

surely you deserve gold now :0)

  Aitchbee 20:05 10 Nov 2011

I've got 'The Children's Encyclopedia' by Arthur Mee, printed in 1955, and they, ( Ten Volumes,7340 pages) ...still smell brand new.My Mum and Dad bought them, at the time, but I acquired a better set for a tenner in a charity shop, recently.

  Aitchbee 20:34 10 Nov 2011

I have noticed there has been 'big time' road resurfacing works on some of the major roads in the south-side of Glasgow, that take the bulk of city bound traffic.(and outwards).How long should that, (the road surface) last?.

I have also been impressed by the bus-stop improvements, but vandalism is still rife in Glasgow, and wanton destruction of bus shelters still continue. morddwyd, suggests...nothing lasts.

  Condom 21:15 10 Nov 2011

Bapou If you are talking about the original Biro pens then I have two of them from about the same time and like you I cannot find a place where you can get refills for them. If anyone knows where you can obtain them please post...thanks

  Forum Editor 00:06 11 Nov 2011


So that's where my other Parker pen went.

The Parker 51 has been widely acknowledged as the World's most successful fountain pen. As you'll be aware, there's something about the design that makes it just right in terms of the way it looks, and how it handles -I always feel that my writing looks its best when I use the Parker.

The value of your (my?) gold Parker 51 will depend on its age,and on which version you have, but perhaps you'll offer me first refusal if you decide to sell it for a tenner?

  morddwyd 08:39 11 Nov 2011

I have a 51 from the 50s and a Millennium Duofold which my son bought me as a replacement.

The Duofold has had to be repaired, the 51 is as good as new!

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