Nothing is forever, it seems...

  Forum Editor 17:50 21 Apr 2015

not even men. Some fascinating stuff to ponder on here

  wee eddie 17:59 21 Apr 2015

If ISIS get a couple of Nukes, I would put Humanity's Timeline as "very short".

  bumpkin 18:41 21 Apr 2015

An interesting article but I do not think I will worry too much about it. Or about ISIS Nuking us as it is impossible anyway.

  bumpkin 20:22 21 Apr 2015

Well I need to withdraw that statement then, it is not impossible but incredibly unlikely without vast finances beyond the reach of many countries, let alone ISIS. Also reqires a delivery system more advanced than USA, UK or USSR.

  kad292 20:30 21 Apr 2015

A latter day Nostradamus makes his predictions in as wide a frame as possible,who is to say the earth does not 'flip' tomorrow or next week or an unseen event extinguishes us like the dinosaurs.!?

Thoughts such as these are the staple diet of millenialists but we are still here and so is that beautiful orb we so abuse.

"nothing is forever"...we will never know because we will not be here/there even at that possibly final climatic demise of the universe.

  bumpkin 21:07 21 Apr 2015
  wee eddie 21:16 21 Apr 2015

Rumpelteazer: you may be right but a reversal of the Magnetic Field is a well founded theory

  Aitchbee 21:45 21 Apr 2015

It says:-

"..Take a look at some of the elegant and colourful infographics from his book Knowledge is Beautiful - and see how much you are able to absorb."

Looks all blurred to me - and hard to make out! :o[

  Aitchbee 21:55 21 Apr 2015

Ah - It's much clearer on Chrome ;o]

  Forum Editor 22:32 21 Apr 2015


"How he thinks the Earth's axis would change like this is beyond me and is just fantasy."

Actually the earth's axis routinely changes over a 40,000 year cycle - not by much, admittedly, but it doesn't need to vary much to bring about some major changes in climate.

In about 10,000 years time winter in the Northern hemisphere will begin in June, and 10,000 years after that it will be back to starting in January. At the moment the axis points at the North star(Polaris), but in 10,000 years it will point at Vega.

Not fantasy then, but fact.

  bumpkin 13:20 22 Apr 2015

Boris bikes I have heard of, Milankovitch cycles no.

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