Not unexpectedly.........

  Forum Editor 19:32 02 Aug 2004

We're beginning to see one or two threads which aren't really in line with our "loosely connected with computers or computing" brief.

We expected it to happen, and there's no big panic, but I'm deleting them as they appear.

If I don't do that we'll see more and more "off topic" threads, and this forum will end up much like the old Lounge forum we ran some time ago. We closed it in the end, because it was being abused, and we don't intend to allow the same thing to happen here. So far nobody has abused anything, but if I don't delete threads that stray from the brief they'll increase, and then when I do end up making deletions I will (rightly) be accused of being inconsistent. That isn't going to happen - I'm starting as I mean to go on. If your thread vanishes without warning please try to understand - keep to the brief and all will be well - we'll have a really good, conflict-free forum here.

  Dorsai 20:20 02 Aug 2004

I cant really think or an answer to this. At least not one that makes sence. and i have tried.

Other than 'it is FE's train set, and it is up to FE how we play with it.'

And if FE 'don't like the game we play', Fe will stop it.

  Forum Editor 20:32 02 Aug 2004

that's about it.

It's not my train set - it belongs to PC Advisor - but they've entrusted me with the job of running it, so that's what I'm doing. The forum isn't here for you to play games, but to have discussions. We hope they'll be enjoyable and/or informative, but if you don't feel that way about it there's no pressure to take part.

Nine hundred and ninety nine people out of a thousand will have no problem sticking to the fairly simple rules, but there'll always be that one person who wants to push things a little too far. All I'm saying is that I'll be deleting any such threads or posts right from the start, rather than waiting until things get a bit out of hand and risking the "inconsistent" accusation. That isn't such a Draconian policy is it?

  Sapins 22:16 02 Aug 2004

You've done a brilliant job up to now so I can't see anyone disagreeing with you, well maybe one in a thousand!



  Dan the Confused 23:01 02 Aug 2004

Does this mean I can't post my "5 tennis balls in a dog's mouth" thread?

  Fateful Shadow 23:22 02 Aug 2004

Does that mean in this forum 145 people would complain ;)

  Forum Editor 23:59 02 Aug 2004

Yep, I'm afraid so, fascinating as I'm sure it would be.

  Sapins 08:25 03 Aug 2004

Possibly, looks like FE will be kept busy.

  Indigo 1 14:59 08 Aug 2004

I think the FE will be challenged to his limits now by those 145 people continually posting out of context threads.

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