Not too many

  carolineann 22:40 16 Jan 2005

jobs left now that don’t use computers I suppose.

A friend is a midwife. She uses one.

One of my neighbours works on a building site.

He uses one to do all his invoices ,ordering etc.

Most stores and even small shops have computerised tills.

I would image that all offices use them?

How on earth did we manage without them?

  €dstowe 22:45 16 Jan 2005

A printing company we use has no computers of any kind. The nearest thing to a computer is a Fax machine.

The quality of their work is some of the best I've ever seen - with a price to match!

  Forum Editor 23:30 16 Jan 2005

that computers have quietly assumed control of almost every aspect of our lives, and although there are still many people who have no interest in computing they would find that their world would suddenly become a very inhospitable place without computers.

Most of the services that make up the infrastructure of our society are computer-controlled, including air-traffic control systems, banks, power stations, water distribution networks, sewage plants, production lines, TV stations, traffic lights, trains, combine harvesters, distribution warehouses......the list goes on and on.

We may praise them or curse them, but the fact is that sophisticated societies would now find it almost impossible to survive without them. Computers finally rule the world.

Surely the infrastructure of our society is 'people'-controlled,with the help of computers.

  Dan the Confused 00:31 17 Jan 2005

I live in a small rural town in Cornwall and computers are still nothing more than a curiosity to most. This is changing rapidly however, and one example is my gardener. He still turns up in his rickety old van and keeps my garden in check (does a sterling job, btw) but all correspondence is done via email. This is mainly for billing, but is also useful if I need a tip on how to plant a sapling or some other garden-related thing (I am useless at gardening), and he is extremely helpful.

I also have a step-brother who works in Cheltenham as a solicitor and he still uses typewriters and filing cabinets, not a computer to be seen. He appears to make a decent living so perhaps computers have not changed all our lives quite yet.

The world is changing rapidly for some...but not for others it seems.

  Forum Editor 01:44 17 Jan 2005

that even small rural towns in Cornwall and solicitors' offices in Cheltenham would find that computers are present in their lives, whether they use them, see them or not.

All local authorities run their systems on computer networks, all utility bills are generated by computers - without human intervention - and all telephone systems are computer-controlled. The solicitor may not have a computer in sight, but he relies on them nevertheless. The land registry records all its records on computer, as does the Law society, and if he ever does any legal aid work he will complete paperwork that has been computer generated.

  €dstowe 08:47 17 Jan 2005

There is no doubt that modern life relies on computer - perhaps that reliance is too great, but that's another matter.

I do feel there has been a variation away from the originator's intention in some of the replies. The premise is "Not too many jobs left now that don’t use computers I suppose." By that, I take it to mean specifics, rather than the infrastructure of society as a whole.

  Sapins 09:27 17 Jan 2005

Our binmen don't use a computer.

  Diemmess 11:05 17 Jan 2005

I bet they do! Indirectly, as FE has said.

Their employer will have employment and pay records on a computer somewhere.

  Sapins 12:08 17 Jan 2005

"They" do not use a computer.

  €dstowe 13:17 17 Jan 2005

Oddly, my binmen do use a computer system. For some reason that I can't fathom they have a GPS system in the cabs. They are unlikely to get lost on their routes to an from the tip, are they?

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