Not in time for Christmas.

  Blackhat 11:34 24 Dec 2011

Anyone else bought on line for presents and not got them yet?

I only made 6 purchases on line this year for presents and 2 have not yet arrived even though I bought in good time. One item had an expected delivery date of 6-15 Dec, the other non specific but purchased end of Nov.

I expect that the various delivery services are not geared up for the increase in on line shopping this year.

  Forum Editor 13:48 24 Dec 2011

For the first time in history, Amazon has failed to deliver a package within the time stated when I ordered.

Love Film has also failed to deliver a few films to me over a week after they were ordered.

What's the country coming to?

  hastelloy 13:49 24 Dec 2011

I placed my last 2 orders with eBay on 17 Dec and Amazon on 20 Dec - both arrived yesterday.

  Blackhat 13:55 24 Dec 2011

Forum Editor

My 6-15 Dec was from Amazon and on behalf of a member of my staff, I am not too bothered about the other one as it was for my wife and she understands but I feel bad about letting down my staff even though it is not my fault.

  Algerian peter 14:44 24 Dec 2011

Returned blue ray disks to Love Film on Tuesday. New disks arrived yesterday. Astounded they arrived before Christmas

  Al94 15:17 24 Dec 2011

Amazon let me down for the first time ever, fortunately situation solved with a visit to nearest PC World this afternoon!

  Graham* 15:44 24 Dec 2011

I ordered a mouse from Amazon in October. When it didn't arrive, I checked and it was coming from Hong Kong. I cancelled the order and was refunded. It still hasn't arrived.

  interzone55 16:53 24 Dec 2011

See if you can beat this:

Ordered special signed box set from Universal Records in October 2010, didn't arrive for Christmas last year as they were having trouble with getting a free FLAC software to play the FLAC files on the bundled USB stick.

It's still not arrived, the latest delay is they're having trouble getting USB stick compatible with both Windows & Mac

It's now expected 30th Jan 2012, but I'm not holding my breath...

  Bapou 17:37 24 Dec 2011

Just as well you were not waiting for this guy to deliver a new monitor, click here..

  spuds 18:11 24 Dec 2011

Apparently Amazon are having many complaints about Yodel deliveries, but Yodel's CEO as stated that customers will get their items on time. Possibly a case of wait and see?.

On a personal note, I have had problems with three usually reliable suppliers. One supplier sent the wrong item,and couldn't supply another item, then gave a prompt refund for both items,and requested that I send the wrong item back. I now have to re-order again. The other two supplier's items have not turned up, but were dispatched by post a week or so ago?.

But on the whole, other regular deliveries haven't been to bad.Around my neck of the woods, there doesn't seem to be many delivery vehicles about. Perhaps most have ordered early this year?.

I did notice yesterday while on my travels to regular sales outlets, that it might be another one of those 'funny holiday' arrangements, with some companies extending their holiday breaks into the New Year. Even Amazon was informing me, that some of their MarketPlace sellers, would not be sending out items, until the New Year, but you can still place orders.

  Graphicool1 18:37 24 Dec 2011

Amazon isn't my flavour of the month. I ordered a graphics tablet they kept me hanging on for weeks. I Finally got fed up waiting and was about to send an email and I received notification from them that were unable to source the graphics tablet. When I ordered they hadn't said they were out of stock.

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