Not for the squeemish!

  Pine Man 14:24 15 Jan 2010

About a week ago I went into my upstairs bathroom a short while after another member of my family. The toilet seat was open and I could see a very thin worm, about 50mm long wriggling in the bottom of the toilet.

A spell on the internet tended to worry the user of the bathroom before me rather a lot and imaginations were running riot! A trip to the doctors was called for and the worm was taken for examination. The doctor wasn't sure what it was and this resulted in the worm being sent to the laboratory for examination.

The result - an earthworm - phew! But how the hell did it get there. Any ideas?

  birdface 14:50 15 Jan 2010

Probably had it with your Spaghetti and never noticed it because you never had your specs on.

  dagbladet 15:00 15 Jan 2010

OK, i'll have a stab. Worm was in the tread of someones boot, which was covered in snow, due to warm temp indoors snow thaws and worm finds itself in need of moisture, worm heads for lavvy.

Rubbish, but it's all i've got at the moment.

  Pine Man 15:13 15 Jan 2010

...for the benefit of buteman and like minded thinkers. Doc said it wouldn't have been passed by bodily function.

  wiz-king 15:42 15 Jan 2010

Worm came up the pipe from broken drain or soilpipe?
Have you checked the cold water tank has got a lid on? And you dont have birds in the loft.

  Pine Man 16:02 15 Jan 2010

Bird proof loft and the water tank is completely covered in insulation.

I did wonder about access from the bottom of the soil pipe BUT can worms climb up vertical plastic soil pipes? I also wondered about access from the top of the soil pipe having been dropped by a bird?

  morddwyd 20:37 15 Jan 2010

"access from the top of the soil pipe having been dropped by a bird?"

Seems the most feasible.

  Covergirl 21:24 15 Jan 2010

Happened to me many a time - slugs, worms, leaves, mud etc.

Yours co-incidentally fell off in bathroom and landed in toilet bowl. Or maybe it crawled there? I bet someone in your family is 'relieved' in more ways than one. Ahem :)

  I am Spartacus 21:45 15 Jan 2010

We very occasionally have worms in the bath and presumed they crawled up the outlet pipe.

  Pine Man 08:44 16 Jan 2010

Thanks for (some of) your comforting explanations. Mrs Pine Man can now breath a sigh of relief!

  oldbeefer2 10:07 16 Jan 2010

You should be able to worm your way back into her affections now!

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