Not in queue when brains given out....

  Seth Haniel 10:18 05 Sep 2008

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Up to 2ins (50mm) of rain is expected over the next few hours and the Environment Agency warned of a risk of localised flooding.

A motorist who was trapped in his 4x4 in the River Rhiw near Welshpool had to be rescued by an RAF helicopter crew.

The 60-year-old had been trying to cross a ford on Thursday evening.

Enough said ;)

  Cymro. 13:27 05 Sep 2008

Yes there is always one isn't there,
but the problem is that it is not just the one but the many that do such things.

  oresome 13:34 05 Sep 2008

Drivers with 4x4's think they are a race apart and invincible when in the vehicle.

They've been taken in by the marketing hyp.

  wiz-king 13:38 05 Sep 2008

It was probably a Ford Explorer.

  dagbladet 13:49 05 Sep 2008


  carver 14:03 05 Sep 2008

Get it right, he was crossing a ford that people use every day, it wasn't the depth of water that did the damage it was the speed of the water.

This is what people forget about water, 8-12" of water doesn't look a lot but when it is traveling at about 6-8 MPH it's deadly.

  peter99co 14:19 05 Sep 2008

10lbs in every gallon! When it is up to your knees it can knock you over.

Strange thing is that it only comes halfway up a Duck

  Quickbeam 14:57 05 Sep 2008

"Drivers with 4x4's think they are a race apart and invincible when in the vehicle."

That's why when you see serious 4x4 off roaders out for the day, they have all the get out of trouble winches, jacks, spades etc... They get stuck regularly!

  oresome 15:07 05 Sep 2008

Have you noticed that 4x4 owners have a tendency to park in inappropriate places?

Grass verges not intended to be driven on and pavements with high kerbs that smaller vehicles can't mount.

  peter99co 15:12 05 Sep 2008

They get stuck regularly! For FUN. Got the T-Shirt

I think a bit of recce time could have be valuable.

I saw the River Eden rise once after heavy rain and was taken aback by the change. From 1 ft deep to 12 ft deep in a very short time. From a slow clear flow to a brown raging torrent. Unbelievable!

  carver 15:20 05 Sep 2008

I reckon ducks have very long legs.

Live where I do and you find that some people can go any where with any car, smaller the better, one woman decided that it was easier to park in the doctors rather than in the car park, mounted a 9" kerb, across 10ft of grass and straight through the wall, and that was in a Micra.

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