Not a lot happening on the Absolute beginners

  pj123 17:54 15 Jul 2005


So do we really need it? After all anyone, beginner or not can get all the help they need on the Helproom Forum.

  Jackcoms 18:26 15 Jul 2005

Agree with you completely.

I can't really see the point of the new Forum.

We've probably all asked 'absolute beginners' questions in the Helproom as well as more 'advanced' questions.

I certainly have and I've always got the help I needed.

It seems to me that the new Forum is simply duplicating the Helproom.

  justme 19:19 15 Jul 2005

Please stop acting like little children and grow up. If some people feel that a separate forum for beginners makes it easier for them to ask simple questions then leave them alone to get on with it.

If you don't want to see the absolute beginners forum then don't click on it. I believe that it is necessary and so do others.

Personally I do not use the web designing forum but I do not go around asking why we need it. So why should people be stopped from having a beginners forum just because you don't want it?

  Jackcoms 21:22 15 Jul 2005

What a ridiculous comment.

We are not acting like "little children", we are making use of our right to air opinions - that's why this Forum is called Speaker's Corner.

We have observed that Absolute Beginners and Helproom seem to duplicate each other in that you can ask the same question in either Forum and the vast majority of broad-minded members (unlike yourself, it seems) will proffer their help.

Perhaps you can explain why that is acting like children.

  stalion 21:27 15 Jul 2005

It's early days at the moment best wait and see how it goes

  De Marcus 21:28 15 Jul 2005

Ditto stalion

  Ancient Learner 21:46 15 Jul 2005

I sometimes feel that I am a pre-beginner, however I do have some sympathy with pj123's views. Perhaps it is a bit early to come to any firm view, and it is not disturbing anything else.

  Happy Soul 22:01 15 Jul 2005

Any beginners will see the first section at the top is 'Helproom' and probably click on it. Maybe if 'Absolute beginners forum' was at the top, it would possibly be used more. The advantage I see of having a beginners forum is there is less chance of the threads disappearing on to page 2, as in the Helproom. Would a beginner realise what had happened

That was a bit harsh on pj123 and Jackcoms, they obviously have clicked on it to to see if they can help anyone just starting out. As far as I'm concerned their contributions are way up with many of the people who regularly help others.

If they are acting like children, I suggest someone acts like a man and apologises for their uncalled for comments.

  pj123 22:57 15 Jul 2005

justme, that's just the point. I class myself an Absolute Beginner when it comes to Web Design so I posted my queries on the Web Design Forum and got all the help I needed within minutes. Had I posted on the Absolute Beginners forum I would probably have been told to post it on the Web Design forum anyway.

I tend to look on all the Forums, not necessarily to make a response, just to see what is there.

  Kev.Ifty 23:23 15 Jul 2005

Isn't that forum is for people who may be a little reserved about asking a question or making a comment for fear of ridicule! As if any one here would do that :-(

ALL newcomers, I'm sure, are nervous about joining the forum, and maybe they feel their questions will be regarded as below a certain level (for want of a better term)

I think you should support the new forum by asking a question... Something that you may have wondered about but thought it too silly or too trivial.

Maybe then the many, New or Old Members, that are reluctant to post, or just haven't bothered yet, will come on board!

I still ain't happy with that red light thing ;-)


  Pooke 23:23 15 Jul 2005

Agree with happy soul, these two people are two of the most helpful here and their opinions are always welcomed.

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