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Not looking good for Flybe

  Anon-250855 23:54 12 Jan 2020

Reports tonight look ominous Flybe collapse

  Anon-311782 19:29 14 Jan 2020

If predictions of a drop in Air Passenger Duty to support Flybe are true, I look forward to a drop in alcohol duty to help ailing pubs stay in business.

  Anon-338298 22:51 14 Jan 2020


I'm not sure that last post made much sense, but perhaps it wasn't intended to.

In any event, it looks as though Flybe has been offered a lifeline.

  Anon-302934 06:55 15 Jan 2020

I see the sense in morddwyd's post.

  Anon-302934 07:18 15 Jan 2020

I know that it doesn't apply to the remote islands, but with us being encouraged to refrain from flying or driving long distances within Britain, the better investment is surely a full modernisation of the rail infrastructure that's getting on for 200 years old without any appreciable upgrading for the 21st century.

That includes the HS routes which are effectively motorways without cars and more outlying small towns having their stations reopened to make good use of the freed up current main line space.

Although Boris's naive idea to reopen all the axed Beeching lines is largely impossible on account that large sections have been developed over or reclaimed into farm land, there would be a possibility to work on a lighter weight inter-town tramway system almost using the original Beeching routes with some deviation around the lost sections.

Getting back to Flybe, I can see an argument for government help for an air service that serves remote areas, as I can also for remote pubs that are the social key in remote areas as per morddwyd's comment.

  Anon-302934 07:20 15 Jan 2020

Hmmm, I appear to have drifted into a Ronnie Corbet armchair deviation...

  Anon-311782 08:56 15 Jan 2020

Well, well!

It appears that a major investor in Flybe is Delta, an American airline.

Quelle Surprise!

  Anon-302934 10:35 15 Jan 2020

Also it wouldn't be good business karma to let another airline fail just before Brexit. It would take the 'celebration' into a negative start!

  Anon-302934 16:33 15 Jan 2020

BA have filed a complaint about this. I presume that they want the same benefit on offer!

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