Not a good sign...

  The Tetrahedron 13:15 26 Jun 2010

I wasn't sure where this belonged as there is no magazine related forum. So I am posting my concerns about issue 182 here.

I have just received issue 182, and as always it looks like a great issue. However I am concerned about the included free software, Stopzilla. Interested in this piece of software, I decided to learn more about it. I typed in the name, and the results I got back on Google were negative. All the links to Stopzilla's website were marked as red by WOT, and when I typed the address in to the address bar, WOT warned me that the site has a poor reputation.

I have also experienced this problem with, whose software has been included many times. Iobit's website has received a yellow rating from WOT. I usually trust the included software, however both these experiences are making me think again about how safe some of the included software actually is. I assumed the provided software was safe and secure. However I am no longer confident in that assumption.

I find it ironic that after all the security advice, software would be included that could harm my computer. There needs to better quality control.

  hastelloy 13:47 26 Jun 2010

I don't know anything about Stopzilla, but I use several programs from Iobit - all very good.

  sunnystaines 13:50 26 Jun 2010

ASC from iobit is very good, i visit their sites often no problems.

  The Tetrahedron 14:08 26 Jun 2010

I have used Iobit software myself and I found it to be very good. However I was surprised to find that their website has a negative rating. Considering Iobit provide security software you would expect them to have a glowing reputation. Otherwise how can you trust them with your computers security?

Considering this negative feedback for Iobit I would be very wary about installing software from them in the future. In fact, I wont be going near anything they offer.

  rdave13 14:24 26 Jun 2010

I think that the yellow rating for Iobit stems from the Malwarebytes complaints against Iobit stealing their database; click here

As for Stopzilla, McAfee site advisor rates as safe but look at the comments; click here

  Strawballs 14:30 26 Jun 2010

Is it just me or is that Disc very thin this month?

  rdave13 14:36 26 Jun 2010

It's not you. It is definately thinner, now where's my micrometer....

  Strawballs 14:43 26 Jun 2010

Now I'm going to show my age. They are getting like those old 45's you used to get free at times.

  The Tetrahedron 14:49 26 Jun 2010


Thanks for the links, I read the comments and I am glad I didn't go anywhere near stopzilla. WOT appears to be better than mcafee, unlike the latter WOT has given it the rating it deserves.

Still not going to trust Iobit, I rely on my computer to much.

It appears that PC Advisor has gone against every-bit of security advice they have written.


It is thinner yes, its an EcoDisc. Doesn't feel very durable though and I cant see it lasting very long.

  AL47 16:37 26 Jun 2010

I like you trust wot and find it very reliable

I don't get the magazine but it seems you were right to go with the wot rating

Best ff addon I have

  Forum Editor 16:54 26 Jun 2010

every-bit of security advice they have written"

Really - what basis do you have for making that kind of sweeping assertion?

Neither Stopzilla or Iobits are going to harm your computer in any way whatsoever, and before you make such silly remarks in future it might be wise to do a bit of research. We certainly do so before we add anything to the cover disk, and if you had done the same thing you would have realised that using a site that rates other sites isn't a definitive guide.

The negative publicity for Iobit was almost entirely generated by the publicity surrounding an intellectual property rights court case - it certainly doesn't remotely mean that the software will harm your computer.

As for Stopzilla, this is what the Top Ten review website had to say about it when it gave a Bronze award to version 5.x

"STOPzilla is a powerful anti-spyware software, working as a protective shield and proactive realtime malware scanner. STOPzilla has all the essential tools, with additional features and a slick interface. The scan tools and removal features keep STOPzilla well equipped to protect your PC. Overall, STOPzilla is a great anti-spyware solution."

I haven't personally heard of any instance of the software harming a computer, but I'm ready to be proved wrong.

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