Not getting 'Responded' emails from TA

  wiganken2 16:01 19 Oct 2018

Has anyone else noticed they are not getting emails from TA when someone responds to a thread they are subscribed to?

  KEITH 1955 11:58 20 Oct 2018

No offence to the people who run the site it does seem to have a few bugs of late , I tick the box to get an auto response only now and again do I fail to get a response but one thing I have noticed is that I get auto response's from threads I have not taken part in.

The other thing I have noticed is this , I log in then ask or answer a question but before I click POST at bottom right corner I right click and copy text. I do this because a lot of times when I click post I get asked to log in 2 more times and sometimes when I track down the posting I was working on the text box is empty. If I don't copy ready to paste , I will have lost everything I typed.

Some users told me to stop auto deleting cookies in edge or chrome but it did not stop me having to log in 2 or 3 times.

  wiganken2 12:43 20 Oct 2018

MJS - I have had to remember to check this thread manually because I am regularly not getting emails to tell me someone has responded. I know I am subscribed to several threads but I can't remember them all and so I am losing track of thread progress. FE - Are you aware of this problem?

  KEITH 1955 12:50 20 Oct 2018

if you cant keep track of your postings go to your account settings , you can find a list of all the posts you have taken part in , also , I am with bt and over the past few weeks their servers have been acting up , you may find emails on your server that have not reached the email program on your pc, btw I use mozzilla thunderbird and you can set up multiple email accounts on it.

  Forum Editor 12:55 20 Oct 2018

"FE - Are you aware of this problem?"

No, I wasn't - I haven't received any email reports of a problem.

  wiganken2 13:06 20 Oct 2018

Like you I use the TB email client but I have also checked on my email webpage and the last "Someone has responded" email I got from TA was at 06:02 hours on 11th October. There is nothing in my Spam folders either. I am with Plusnet (owned by BT but separate) ISP but I do not use their email service and I do not think it is an ISP issue since I am getting other emails with no problems.

  Forum Editor 13:25 20 Oct 2018

I'll pass your comments to someone on our development team.

  wiganken2 14:39 20 Oct 2018

'Xania' also had the same issue on 19th October. See their thread click here .

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