Not for the faint hearted

  jimv7 15:45 12 Sep 2009

I hesitate to post this link, in china animal fur traders skin stuggling animals alive, its only the more people know about this the sooner it might be stopped.

Again NOT for the faint hearted.

click here

  birdface 21:22 12 Sep 2009

Hmm Defanately not for the fainthearted,I watched for about 10 seconds and switched off.

  rdave13 21:46 12 Sep 2009

Up to the Chinese people to sort this out I think. Didn't download video as I can guess through reading the report of the vile cruelty. Could be that 'PETA' would do better to report this cruelty to the appropriate Chinese authorities in the appropriate way possible.
We've not a lot to be proud of I'm sure? Badger baiting, fox hunting, cock fighting..need I go on?

  Cymro. 10:50 13 Sep 2009

Even I find this video very hard going to watch and I am the one who has in the past always posted about such things by saying "I think we should first consider all the cruelty that is inflicted against humans before we worry about animals" or "put people first" or some other such inane comment

So I am now very much lost for words and will consider any remarks I make about such things much more carefully in the future. I had heard about such things but it is only when you see it yourself that you realise exactly what it all means.

I still have great doubt about such things as "animal liberation" or antivivisection. Perhaps it is the extreminism about such things that I don`t like but this video has for the first time made me reassess my feelings about animal cruelty.

  crosstrainer 11:03 13 Sep 2009

..Is a culture issue...It's horrible, but what about the our slaughterhouse ethics in the UK?

Can anyone here honestly say that confronted with a lamb, chicken etc. (whilst happy to purchase form tesco and the like)

And a bolt gun...Could kill the animal...I know I couldn't..can shoot rabbits and wood pigeons for food, not sport.

But those eyes.....Nope

A school teacher is in strife currently for trying to exemplify just this:

click here

It is hypocrisy on a huge scale...I do like my meat, and i prefer it not look like an animal...

  Forum Editor 11:12 13 Sep 2009

who works for a charity that sends undercover agents into places like China, where animal cruelty is rife. Some of the stories she tells almost defy belief, and help to put a better focus on China's attitude to human rights.

  Quickbeam 11:23 13 Sep 2009

I've not looked and don't think I will.

Although I don't have a problem with hunting, shooting & fishing for the table as in this country it's good etiquette to despatch your game swiftly once it's caught. Yes I know there are those that will just pile up the dying birds in a heap, but they are not shooting for a meal but sport.

  carver 11:23 13 Sep 2009

Tried to watch it but got about as far as buteman into the video before having to turn it off.

Don't think I'll be buying any fur products in the near future.


That headmistress has only made things worse by allowing the children to make the lamb into a pet, first thing she did wrong was by naming the animal, I don't know of one farmer who names animals he is going to slaughter.

I'ts a bit like the kids coming home from school and saying that their having "floppys their pet rabbitt" for tea.

  crosstrainer 11:29 13 Sep 2009

I am with you on the human rights issues...But animal husbandry is a cultural thing surely? Nip to your local Supermarket and purchase a joint of Beef / Pork /Lamb or a Chicken.

Didn't look it in the face when it reached it's termination now did you?

  Cymro. 11:35 13 Sep 2009

There is no excuse for treating animals in this way, but suppose they were doing it for food or just to survive would we then feel a little better about it?

Hopefully not, but I suppose that they would say that they were doing it for a living and so as to survive. What do I know about their way of life or culture?

You can bet your life that their standard of living is nothing like our own. No social security to fall back on and them give them money to pop down to Tesco.

No I am in no way trying to justify what they were doing but I suppose we must consider that theirs is a culture that is very different to our own.

  Quickbeam 11:38 13 Sep 2009

"but suppose they were doing it for food or just to survive..."
It's not too hard to cut it's throat, not the best way, but common in this country into the 20th century on smallholdings.

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