Not The Eiffel Tower

  realist 19:35 31 Mar 2010
  morddwyd 19:56 31 Mar 2010

My first thought when I saw it on the news was that it looked like a DNA helix!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:59 31 Mar 2010

As it is being privately funded I don't really give a pig's burp but wouldn't it have been nicer and more beneficial, if Mr Steel ponied up the cash for a children's hospice...ho hum.


  ronalddonald 21:04 31 Mar 2010

money used for this crappy art could be put to good use by helping out charities, children, schools, yet it seems the people who wanna build this nonsense probably already give to charity but have no common sense thy just wanna waste money by throwing it around.

  scales 21:49 31 Mar 2010

I quite like it. It is being funded by a steel producer so I suppose it is showing off what can be done with steel in the same was as the Eiffel tower was.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:29 31 Mar 2010

Silly name. How about 'Johnsons Folly'?


  ton 23:03 31 Mar 2010

Art? On a smaller scale it looks like something you would see in a scrap bin.

  [email protected] 23:16 31 Mar 2010

and would be pleased to see it become symbolic of London and our country.

  jakimo 00:30 01 Apr 2010

Perhaps its Anish Kapoor`s definition of the Eiffel Tower after a hurricane

  Forum Editor 01:41 01 Apr 2010

for more children's hospices, but a society isn't created that way - we can't have a cultural life unless the arts get funds, too.

The problem with money going into stuff like this is that not all of us agree about what is or isn't 'art', and we don't all like the same things. That said, if Paris didn't have the Eiffel tower, or London the Houses of parliament, or the eye, or Tower bridge the world would be a slightly duller place.

Last week I was at the Sydney Opera House. Lots of Australians still think it was an enormous waste of money - it went at least three times over budget when it was built. The fact is, it's one of the world's iconic buildings, and a trip to Sydney without seeing it would be unthinkable.

Taking the long view I think we need these landmarks as much as we need hospices; the truth is, we should be able to have both.

  Robert Zimmerman 04:51 01 Apr 2010

The Eiffel Tower was only a temporary building & many wanted it removed, now it one of the must see in your life edifices.

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