Not Clever Enough to Tell Lies

  fourm member 16:23 10 Apr 2013

My father always said that he was too stupid to lie because you needed to be clever to think of all the ways your lie could be found out.

The Mail, as you would expect, has seen Margaret Thatcher's death as a chance for bashing the BBC. It has complained about left-wing bias in the people asked to comment on her legacy and accused the BBC of a lack of respect by its news staff.

To illustrate this point it showed a picture of newsreader Huw Edwards wearing a pink tie.

However, whoever selected that picture wasn't clever enough to notice that Edwards was also wearing a poppy indicating that the picture came from November and not this week.

It has gone from the site now but this has more detail.

Anyone willing to admit they've been caught out lying because they made a truly stupid error?

  carver 17:05 10 Apr 2013

You not only have to be clever but you need a very good memory to lie, a better memory than that needed to tell the truth.

  Aitchbee 17:21 10 Apr 2013

When my neice Elaine was a little girl aged about 5, we used to kid / trick her by asking if she was telling a lie by demanding " Stick out your tongue, to see if your telling the truth. "

If she had been naughty her tongue would remain in her mouth, if she had been a good girl [ie. telling the truth] her tongue would instantly shoot out ;o]

  Brumas 17:39 10 Apr 2013

"Oh, what tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive"

Sir Walter Scott 1771-1832

I always try to tell the truth , that way when recalling what was said I stick to my recollection without having to think about it!

  carver 17:53 10 Apr 2013

Brumas sorry but that is what my dad told me as a child, so it can't have been that other bloke who said it.

  Bing.alau 19:29 10 Apr 2013

Jock1e. God, that's an oldie. Got to be from before your time, so I think you are telling a "Porkie"...

  fourm member 07:58 11 Apr 2013

That little diversion raises an interesting side point.

If Jock1e's friend had told that story to Bing.alau what should Bing.alau's response be?

Do you say 'heard it' and risk upsetting your friend if they really believe it happened to them? Especially as failing to lie well suggests that one is not very clever.

People do personalise stories and genuinely come to believe the personalisation. I've heard stories like that. You get told about something that 'happened in our village in Devon' when you can prove, from written reports, that it happened in Australia.

  Forum Editor 08:44 11 Apr 2013

I once lied to a colleague who asked me if I had heard anything about her being included in a group of people destined for redundancy. I had, but I repeatedly told her I had heard nothing, when all along I knew she was going, and I knew that she trusted me. I just couldn't bring myself to give her news that she dreaded, but she found out that I lied to her, and never spoke to me again.

I was plagued with guilt for a long time, and remembering it always brings that feeling back. The incident taught me that it's usually best to tell the truth, even if it does cause some distress. There are exceptions to the rule, but not many.

'Does my bum look big in this?' is probably one of them.

  Bing.alau 10:27 11 Apr 2013

FE. Is that what you ask your wife?

  Bing.alau 10:32 11 Apr 2013

fourm mrmber. Yes it can be hard to keep the mouth shut, as I should have done about WTM's post.

When they have a comedian on in our Navy Club, they usually tell jokes they have garnered from the internet or from E-mails they have recieved. Most of them I have heard before and it is hard to stop yourself coming out with the punch line before they do. I will have to discipline myself not to do so on this forum.

  spuds 12:20 11 Apr 2013

" Anyone willing to admit they've been caught out lying because they made a truly stupid error".

I suppose everyone makes many stupid errors in their lifetime, but admitting them is a very different thing, especially if you might think that you have a very important status in life. To me everyone is equal no matter their rank and file, and hopefully I and perhaps others of a similar nature might also agree with this?.

I would be one of the first to admit to a stupid error, but I would also be one of the first to defend that assumed error, if someone uses that error to defend their own errors .

The biggest part of admitting is being sincere and honest, and not just using it as an excuse?.

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