Not another Navy Lark?

  john bunyan 15:13 26 Jul 2014

HMS Troutbridge was clearly less interesting than HMS Portland.

Lady Captain

  Forum Editor 17:05 26 Jul 2014

Despite what some people think to the contrary you can't change human nature. Put men and women together in ships,and sooner or later the inevitable will happen.

The UK government acknowledges the situation, and says that relationships are permitted, but they must not undermine ‘trust and cohesion’ or damage ‘operational effectiveness’. Quite how someone makes a judgement as to when those parameters have been exceeded is beyond me.

  john bunyan 17:32 26 Jul 2014

Forum Editor

I entirely agree, but in this case, if true, (and the same would have applied had the captain been a man) what went on ashore with anyone is private. But as the Commanding Officer you have to set an outstanding example in such matters and, if this case is true, she showed a complete lack of judgement. How could she have disciplined others of her crew, if the copied her, had the need arisen?

  Woolwell 17:40 26 Jul 2014

The BBC and Sky report that she has left the ship. The ship is on its way home via the Caribbean. MOD UK . Note that it is the XO not the Captain of Portland who is quoted.

The Captain of a ship has rather a lonely job and cannot have a relationship with anyone. If she did form a relationship then it would damage trust and could effect operational effectiveness.

1]: [click here

  Woolwell 17:41 26 Jul 2014

john bunyan - It could have happened onboard.

  Woolwell 17:48 26 Jul 2014

Just to clarify the Captain's position, the Captain is not a member of the Wardroom and has to be invited in. He or she dines alone in their cabin which is either their day or sea cabin. They usually have their own personal steward and chef.

  Forum Editor 18:55 26 Jul 2014

Let's remember that at the moment there is an allegation. Nothing has been confirmed, and no investigation has yet taken place.

  Flak999 19:24 26 Jul 2014

Another reason if one were needed why women serving alongside men in the military is a bad idea! The same happens in all walks of life, before we had women in the fire service it was just like the military before they had woman serving alongside men.

As soon as we had women on station regardless of what they looked like, someone wanted to s**g them! It's just human nature, you can't ban it, you can't legislate against it and you certainly can't stop it!

You just have to accept it, or revert to the old way of doing things!

  Aitchbee 21:48 26 Jul 2014

A simple solution? Employ a suitably trained hair-make-up artist to make female captains appear more masculine ie, fake beards and moustaches.

  Woolwell 21:55 26 Jul 2014

Flak999 - I disagree about women in the Navy. I was against it when it was brought in because the pushed senior female ratings to sea who just didn't have the knowledge or experience to cope. It needed to be done much more gradually. If you have met some of the women then you would realise that some are as bad as the men for chasing the opposite sex, their jokes are definitely dirtier, and some are stronger. It has to my surprise worked quite well. There are surprisingly few cases of totally inappropriate behaviour or relationships that can create problems. It becomes like a mixed work place. Many don't want to have a relationship with a work mate.

Where I do have a problem is maternity leave.

  Aitchbee 21:55 26 Jul 2014

... or something along the lines of a Groucho Marx instant lookalike kit.

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