Not all the younger generation are bad.

  grumpy old man 14:04 16 Aug 2019

On the day of my mums funeral , last Friday , the undertaker walked in front of the hearse all the way up to the main road then stood in the middle of the road and stopped all the traffic.

I looked out of the limousine window and at the side of the road their was a guy in his early 20's , you know the type , a scruffy local Herbert who would probably have mugged you if he got the chance.

BUT what he did left me speechless , head bowed with his hands crossed in front of him he gave us a polite and respectable nod. We stopped a few seconds for the undertaker to get back in the hearse. It was so unexpected I wanted to say thank you but in the few seconds I had I could not find a window button on the door.

Have any of you had something done for you from a person you would have least expected it from.

  Menzie 16:47 16 Aug 2019

We get what you mean, it's just the phrasing made you sound like this.

I learnt at an early age that you can't judge a book by it's cover. Growing up I wish some gave me the same courtesy. Sadly that wasn't the case.

  Menzie 16:56 16 Aug 2019

By the way, my condolences again for your loss.

My above post isn't meant to sound like me having a go so please do not take it like that.

  grumpy old man 17:40 16 Aug 2019

I know you guys were not having a go at me , lets face it we have chatted a lot , maybe I did not put my point over quite right.

  rickf 17:47 16 Aug 2019

Not all retirees in suit and tie, short back and sides are sweet and innocent either.

  Forum Editor 18:04 16 Aug 2019

"not all the younger generation are bad"

Of course they're not, and not all the older generation are good. To a very large extent, young people get their moral values from their parents. There are exceptions to the rule of course, but by and large it holds true.

  wee eddie 19:15 16 Aug 2019

Many of my generation grew up to be Pillars of the Community.

Had you seen me on my Motorbike in Brighton, or wandering down the Kings Road in my brick red loon pants and Indian Printed Cotton Shirt, with all the beads and bells, you'd probably have had a heart attack.

Another time another place.

Perhaps you might have seen me arriving at the Dorchester in a dark green TR4, dressed in White Tie and Tails, then you'd probably have got a completely different impression altogether.

Whereas all those styles did run contiguously, they were all part of my past.

By the way, the Dorchester's Doorman said, "Good evening Sir" and parked it for me as I was, as they say, "A well kenned face"

  wee eddie 19:17 16 Aug 2019

I need a new Proof Reader.

"Whereas all those styles did run contiguously, they were all part of my past."

should read

"Whereas all those styles didn't run contiguously, they were all part of my past."

  oresome 19:59 16 Aug 2019

I well remember the doorman parking my car for me when I stayed at a hotel in Winchester.

A bit of a come down for him when he found out it was a Citroen Xantia and the following morning he threw the keys to me and said it's in the market square.

Of course I wasn't wearing wee eddie's plumage either.

  wee eddie 20:32 16 Aug 2019

oresome: You forgot to thank him, with a fiver. Had you, it would have been waiting for you at the door, windscreen cleaned and engine running

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