Not the actual smart meter but the display

  bumpkin 17:59 10 Jan 2017

I know we have done smart meters before but this is a slightly different question.

I can elaborate but my basic question is "Does the display unit have to be permanently plugged into the mains" Before anyone says ask your supplier, i have and get different answers.

  wee eddie 18:06 10 Jan 2017

It needs to het its power from somewhere. There may be models on the market that are battery powered. If gas only, it may need a mains connection. If electrical it will probably bleed the power it needs from your supply

  bumpkin 18:14 10 Jan 2017

It needs to het its power from somewhere.

Yes indeed but if I unplug it it remains on for a couple of hrs before displaying "low battery"

I was initially told by the installer that once charged I could put it anywhere and it would last for weeks before needing a recharge.

  bumpkin 18:17 10 Jan 2017

Another point wee eddie, where does the gas meter get its power from.

  oresome 18:56 10 Jan 2017

I think wee eddie may be talking about the device fitted to the meter whereas you are referring to the indoor display?

The gas smart meter talks to the electric smart meter which relays the message on. If you have split suppliers, you can't have a gas smart meter at present.

  bumpkin 20:09 10 Jan 2017

oresome, you could be right if wee eddie is thinking of the old ones. I am talking about 2 new meters 9mnths and the new display units which show both gas and electricity usage in multiple formats.

This still raises the question of how the gas meter talks to the electric meter if it has no power to it. It must have a battery of some kind to my mind which can't last forever and there is no means of replacing it or charging it as the whole thing is contained in a welded metal box.

  lotvic 21:42 10 Jan 2017

When the battery in the Smart Gas Meter is running low, it sends an alert to your supplier and an engineer will contact you to arrange servicing of meter.

I believe they are of the same type that are used in the '10year Fire Alarms' (sealed-in 10 year lithium batteries)

  bumpkin 12:11 11 Jan 2017

Thanks lotvic, that makes sense.

I was hoping others here would have the display units and could relate their experiences.

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