Nostalgic TV Programme for former RM's tonight

  john bunyan 19:06 14 Jul 2014

We have a few ex RM's and others who may be interested in a programme on Channel 4 at 9 pm tonight " RM Commando School" . On for a few weeks. Those who think todays youngsters are not up to the old days will see that some are as good as ever.

  john bunyan 10:50 15 Jul 2014


This from the web :"Junior marines used to complete the first 12 weeks of training at Deal before moving to CTCRM , 229 ( Junior ) Troop were the last sometime in Summer 1977."

The HQ and training of the Band Service stayed until about 1989 I think.

The DI did seem a bit tubby, but I suspect others will be leaner! All have to pass a tough BFT every year. Some photos here:Lympstone

I have seen quite a few photos of recent senior NCO's and Officers that were "burly" but no doubt tough - the last 2 CGRM's - "Buster" Howes and Ed Davies were very strong looking. See the CTC RSM here also.


  flycatcher1 20:52 15 Jul 2014

I enjoyed the programme and look forward to the rest of the series. My training was in no way comparable with the Marines but I still remember Corporal Coates and Gunner Griffiths with some regard.y The Corporal had bullet wound scars on his arm caused by a Cadet who turned to him on the Range and said "I have a stoppage in my Sten, Corporal". What Coates replied was not recorded.

  Flak999 23:36 15 Jul 2014

To be honest I found this programme came a very poor second to Chris Terrills documentary Commando on the front line in which Terrill trains with the recruits as the go through their course.

The almost comic behaviour of the recruits and the training team seem at odds with the serious nature of the subject matter. The little short fat drill instructor gave a very poor example of what is supposed to be an elite fighting force!

Frankly why there needs to be another documentary in such quick succession on exactly the same subject as Terrills film eludes me.

I don't think this episode paints the corps in a good light at all.

  spuds 11:00 16 Jul 2014

But it isn't just Channel 4, because all stations seem to want to get into the act, even Freeview showing older programmes.

I suppose with all the terror going on in the world, the public should rightly know who is still protecting us and how?.

I recall the days when the British were classed as having the best jungle fighting force in the world, I wonder if that still applies today?.

  john bunyan 11:13 16 Jul 2014


"I recall the days when the British were classed as having the best jungle fighting force in the world, I wonder if that still applies today?."

Certainly the SF units regard it as a high priority, and a few other units (RM, Paras) are up to date, but, sadly, the defence cuts have reduced the time spent in that field. (few jungles in Afghanistan!) Similarly Arctic Warfare training has been somewhat reduced.

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