Nostalgia: A thing of the past?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:50 31 Aug 2013

I love computer gaming and at the ripe old age of 59 you would think I could find more worthwhile things to do with my time but hell no give me a shotgun and sniper rifle and a decent amount of zombies/aliens and I am happy.

But I was reading an article in a magazine I buy and it got me thinking of the first time I played a video game. It was on the Playstation 1 and the other day I put a wanted ad on the same mag's forum, which has a marketplace section where we buy and sell our PC parts no longer needed, the other day and for postage a guy sent me a PS1 console. I fired it up and heard the PS1 sound and was taken back in time. So On the hunt for the games that started me off. Doom, Alien Trilogy,Exhumed, Resident Evil, Tomb raider to name a few.

I am currently playing Shadowman on it and god the graphics are naff. But I am sure Res Evil and another one that has just come to mind,Dino Crisis were a bit better. Can't wait to find out.

Anyone else have fond memories of older tech? And more to the point have you made an effort to get hold of it?

  spuds 12:11 31 Aug 2013

Looks like I will need to have a rummage in the attic, and find out a few Sinclair games. Failing that, there always a chance of an original tennis or shooting game for two :O)

  Forum Editor 12:47 31 Aug 2013

I still have my Commodore 64, bought in 1983,and my Amiga 1200. They sit in a cupboard in my office year in and year out, but I just can't bear to part with them.

From time to time I think about trying to get hold of the first Personal computer I ever owned - an IBM 5150. I bought it sometime around the middle of 1982, and it was love at first sight - I was in awe of its massive 256k of RAM, and loved the fact that it had a tape cassette connector at the back - I could save my work onto cassettes!

I lost the machine when the shed it was stored in developed a major and undetected leak some years ago, and the innards had corroded into oblivion by the time I detected a problem. Your thread has brought back happy memories of my time with the IBM and its 11.5 inch screen.

  woodchip 13:43 31 Aug 2013

And I have an Atari plus plenty of games

  Chronos the 2nd 14:06 31 Aug 2013

And I have an Atari plus plenty of games

But when did you last use it I wonder?

  Forum Editor 14:31 31 Aug 2013

"But when did you last use it I wonder?"

Now that you've sparked my interest I'm going to drag out the Commodore and Amiga and fire them up tonight, just for the fun of it - if they'll start.

  Nontek 16:41 31 Aug 2013


The Amiga 1200 was my first computer (at age of 65), I bought it new from a PC shop long since returned to dust!

I still think that the 1200 is/was the best home computer ever. I am sure yours will start without any problem tonight. Wish I still had mine :-(

  Forum Editor 17:25 31 Aug 2013


The 1200 was definitely fit for purpose, and a delight to use. My wife has reminded me that I offered to help her set up a new filing hierarchy for her work files this evening (yippee!), so my stroll down memory lane will have to wait until the morning.

  morddwyd 20:13 31 Aug 2013

Excuse me, this is not nostalgia, just a few recent memories!

Nostalgia is remembering which of your mates , when dancing, was best at whirling a girl so that you could see her stocking tops, or, if you must stick to tech, whipping off the cylinder head and doing a quick de-coke, valve grind in and tappets before dinner (not lunch) on a Saturday!

  Aitchbee 21:07 31 Aug 2013

I can recall [vividly] the good old days when feedin' the birds was affordable ....

click here

  woodchip 21:23 31 Aug 2013

Met my wife when roller-skating, that's nostalgia. Now been on my own 19 years after loosing her. That is nostalgia I do not like to talk about

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