The Norwegian national tragedy

  TopCat® 18:39 24 Jul 2011

It's doubtless that the whole world is shocked and horrified by this terrible tragedy upon the Norwegian nation. It is all the more incredulous to hear that the damage and tragic loss of life was allegedly caused by one of their own citizens.

My first thoughts were that whoever was responsible had gone insane and followed the impulses of a tortured mind. Then I pondered on something else that maybe could have triggered a helpless mind to react in such a way.

You may consider this to be total rubbish here, but what was featured in Act1 of the game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2 has troubled me ever since I played it. The episode is called 'No 'Russian' and opens in a packed airport interior where several terrorists open fire indiscriminately on everyone they can find, killing any wounded they see as they move through the airport.

You can possibly see a similarity here with the tragic events in Norway, so I wondered if others had come up with a plausable explanation as well. Much speculation here on my part, I agree, but it has been said that some extreme modern games can have a degrading effect on some players. It will be interesting to hear the findings of psychiatric tests on the alleged perpetrator.

I offer my deepest sympathies to the grieving people of Norway. TC.

  Aitchbee 19:03 24 Jul 2011

TC - nobody knows what is going on anyone's minds...especially those who are percieved as 'loners' or 'quiet'. I have watched (with amazement) other people play these violent games but have always thought they could differenciate between a game and reality.The Norwegian tradgedy will be front-page news and will be in the minds of everybody.Is that potentially a bad move? What can we do?

  Bingalau 19:20 24 Jul 2011

Is there a link between the killings in the Lake District last year and the shootings in schools in America etc.? Are all these people influenced by the violence in movies and computer games. The two children in the Bulger murder were left at home to watch what they liked on TV and they liked violent films. I'm no psychiatrist but I would hazard a guess at "Yes they are influenced and very much so". Mind you I have always been a fan of Mary Whitehouse.

  daz60 19:26 24 Jul 2011

"especially those who are perceived as "loners" or "quiet". Why single out those who tend to keep "their own council", why should they be treated in a different respect from those who are considered "vocal" and/or "sociable".

We may never know the "true" reason(s) for this persons apparent loss of "control" but that "he"(did he act alone ?) was systematic jn his goal suggests a carefully planned strategic assault on both society in general and specific elements within that society,speculation..yes. As regards playing games,this is a long term debate,along with extreme films,that has not yet been proven.Violence is an aspect of human nature is something that cannot be so easily corralled or simplified.

  Aitchbee 19:53 24 Jul 2011

daz60 - I am a 'loner' and I am 'quiet'.(most of the time) I hope I am not now a suspect for a crime.My point is that everyone has the capacity to do evil.Controlling that evilness is impossible.(in a free society).You can't see into the future.

  morddwyd 20:04 24 Jul 2011

"Controlling that evilness is impossible.(in a free society)."

Of course it's not impossible.

Most people control it very well - it's called civilisation.

Mental illness, however, can not be invariably controlled .

  carver 20:54 24 Jul 2011

From what I have heard on the news this man has been planing this for about 9 years, so I don't think you could call it a moment of madness.

I suppose you will always get the one person who you can not plan for, these are the most dangerous people alive because they go about their daily lives and until that moment every one believes them to be "that nice man next door"

  Aitchbee 21:03 24 Jul 2011

The events of the past few days contradict your statement.I am saying it is impossible to control or predict what people think or do.You have said it is NOT impossible.Does that mean it is possible? Mental illness can be controlled. (you can argue with my doctor bout that.) My mental illness is controlled.

  Aitchbee 21:12 24 Jul 2011

sorry that was aimed at morddwyd - whom I hope is of sound mind :0] namely - 'The events of the past few days...'

  daz60 23:06 24 Jul 2011

Aitchbee,don't get me wrong,my apologies if i misinterpreted,my point is that a knee jerk reaction is to point at those who are considered "loners" and/or "quiet" and those, as stated by Carver, who are on the outside considered personable and "civilised" are not necessarily put under the same microscope. I consider myself to be a "loner" and i am "quiet",yet i maintain a sociable side when called upon.I would say that you can commit an act of "evil" whether or not the society is "free" or "unfree",whether "civilised" or "barbarian". If our species was not "violent" would we have survived.?? This question is not to justify or even sanctify the acts committed but we really need to look a lot deeper into "ourselves" and question the means by which we justify ourselves.

  Condom 00:38 25 Jul 2011

I have just received an e-mail from my Norwegian freind in Oslo to tell me that both he and his Thai wife are well and safe, He tells me his country is in a state of absolute shock and people seem to be numb. Unfortunately he has hardly slept since the event as he is one of those that put the English/Norwegian subtitles on their TV programs so his English skills have been in constant demand. I am very releived to finally hear from him as I was beginning to worry a little. There can be no excuse whatever for the killing of so many young innocent people.

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