Norton Users Beware!

  onionskin 23:53 23 Feb 2012

Watch out for this email: Link to Norton Forum

If you get an email offering to update you to the 2012 version, best not follow the link. Check for updates by going to Norton's website.

  VCR97 18:58 25 Feb 2012

I unthinkingly followed the link. I had no problem. It's in and working. Perhaps there is a mixture of genuine and opportunistic scam e-mails going the rounds.

  onionskin 22:30 25 Feb 2012

It's all a bit strange. Norton don't seem to be that concerned about it, I'm wondering if they sent out a dodgy looking email to see how many people clicked the link...

  Strawballs 22:50 27 Feb 2012

They did that at work the a couple of months ago they sent out an obvious phising email to see how many people would follow the links, how many would just delete it and how many actually reported it, they said it was disappointing how many followed the link.

  Condom 23:33 27 Feb 2012

I sometimes wonder about the wonderful efficiency we keep hearing about with Private Companies when compared to the Public Sector.

Each time I have Beta tested a Norton Product with PCA and received a free copy of the software it is followed by an e-mail a week or two later thanking me for being a Beta tester and offering to sell me the product at a 40% discount which just about brings it to the full price being charged by many other places.

Talk about the right and left hands. I just expect computer companies to have systems better than this but perhaps I'm expecting too much.

  proudfoot 10:53 28 Feb 2012

I personally have always steered well clear of Norton products having read so many warnings over the years. Since the early days before the internet when viruses were transmitted via floppy discs i have relied on AVG Free software and it has never let me down.

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