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Norton Motorcycles goes into administration!

  Brumas 23:00 29 Jan 2020

I am not a motor cyclist but I do appreciate them, especially the older models, so I am really sorry to see them go to the wall.

Growing up I can remember my older brother had two Norton Dominators, one in pieces and one he rode to work. I can remember pestering him for ages, I must have been around eight years old, for a ride on the pillion. Mum, of course forbade it, which made it all the more exciting when it actually happened however I wish I hadn't nagged him so much because, when it did actually happen ,I was petrified and couldn't wait for him to turn for home! He admitted to me years later he deliberately went fast so as to put me off asking again!

  qwbos 00:23 30 Jan 2020


My only motorcycling experience was at a very early age on the tank of my grandfather's Aerial, then later, when as a student, I'd hide in a bus queue to try and avoid becoming a pillion passenger on a friends Honda 50. Every time he went up a gear, I felt I was going to drop off the back!

I've always enjoyed watching MotoGP and World and British Superbikes. Far better racing than you'll ever see on 4 wheels. Road racing, especially The Isle of Man TT, makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Brave or mad?

If you're into the older models, Henry Cole & Sam Lovegrove's programmes make excellent viewing.

I suspect Norton will make a comeback in some form. [MCN article ]1

  Quickbeam 06:44 30 Jan 2020

They've been into administration a half dozen times over the century or so since the original company was set up, the first time around the great depression time. The name will reappear again, like Mini and Jaguar the Norton name is synonymous as a marque with being one of the best in Britain.

I had a couple of Norton singles in the '70s. I always preferred the basicness of singles over any of the Jap multies I had, I also had a single cylinder JAP speedway methanol burner bike too that I used for 1/4 mile sprinting and hill climbing. Motorbikes should be basic but fun.

  john bunyan 10:28 30 Jan 2020

I took my car and motorcycle tests in the same week in 1956 whilst on leave in RM awaiting deployment to operations. I have retained my full m/c licence, but have not owned one for years. I remember the Norton Dominator well . Triumph is another I remember . A pity that yet another iconic name might disappear .

  Quickbeam 10:32 30 Jan 2020

It wont disappear, the name still carries big kudos for anyone looking to make high end motorbikes.

Maybe not next week, or next year, but it'll reappear just like MG or Aston Martin.

  mrgrumpy 16:45 30 Jan 2020

Hey the bike just happens to be my surname as well !

As quickbeam says they have gone into admin many times , I cant remember if it was at the end of 89 or 94 season but in one of those 2 years I watched a race with a twist.

The tv commentator confirmed that against all the odds Norton had won the championship but the sting in the tail was they did not have the funds to go racing next year.

Personal memory , a pal of mine had a commando that leaked oil so bad that everyone made fun of him. He stripped the bike down to the last nut and bolt and rebuilt it. The next time he rode it to work instead of being laughed at they were queueing up to buy it. He never got the chance to sell it R.I.P.

  mrgrumpy 13:13 31 Jan 2020

Just watched a recording if last nights news on this , pension investors been wating over a year to get investment back , one woman waiting for 56k over a year. Dozens of customers waiting for bikes , news showed one guy paid 20k last august and somehow found out his bike never been built.

Yes it is an iconic brand but with business practices like that they dont deserve to be bailed out by anyone AGAIN !

Its always the "little" people who suufer by not getting what they paid for and lets not forget the workers

  Brumas 17:32 31 Jan 2020

mrgrumpy, I totally agree with you.

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