North/South Council Tax divide

  ray7 16:14 25 Mar 2008

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According to this article, the South is subsidisng the North in respect of Council Tax. IMHO the published statistics are extremely misleading as no 'base figure' is shown. Consequently, the large percentage increase shown for Tower Hamlets equates to a current Council Tax for D Band of £1140 whereas the lower increase shown for Liverpool equates to a Band D of £1446. Similarly.City of Westminster is £681, Chelsea £1031.
On these figure, who is subsidising who ?
It would be interesting if Forum members informed us what Council Tax they are paying and show us all whether or not this divide actually does exist.

Mine in Chester le Street is Band C....£1250

  anskyber 16:28 25 Mar 2008

I thought your link would have been to an informed source but I see it's to the usual propaganda rag.

The wonderful thing about statistics is they can show you what you want if you choose not to use figures with some integrity.

How about, "Tory Councils fail to look after public funds properly and raise Council Tax higher than well run Councils" is another headline grabber if you wish to interpret the same figures as unhelpfully as the Daily Mail.

The truth is quite straightforward, Council Tax grant from central Government is developed on a needs index but then funds are added to meet the Government of the days policy objectives. The Tories did it when they were in power as they gave support to mainly rural (Tory) Councils.

Unsurprisingly the current Government supports inner city initiatives more strongly than the Tories. It's called funding following policies.

  Bingalau 16:29 25 Mar 2008

Mine in Formby, Merseyside for the coming year will be £1,399.76
Comprising Merseyside Police £133.91;
Sefton MBC £1205.79;
Merseyside Fire and Rescue £60.06

  ray7 16:39 25 Mar 2008

Why don't you move to the City of'd save £800

  Grey Goo 16:57 25 Mar 2008

If it makes you feel any better London Borough of Bromley Band E £1544, nobody subsidises us I can asure you. And the service is crap.

  interzone55 16:58 25 Mar 2008

It'll cost him a damn sight more than £800 to move to Westminster - unless he runs for Office, in which case we'll all fund Bingalau's council tax, second home etc...

I'm Rochdale, Band B, a shade over £1040 for current year, haven't had next year's bill yet

  rawprawn 17:04 25 Mar 2008

Yorkshire Band D £1528 and we have very few services here. If I see a policeman these days I shake his hand.If the South is subsidising me, would you mind subsidising a bit more.

  Woolwell 17:28 25 Mar 2008

South Hams, Devon
Council Tax Band D £1448, Band C £1287, Band B £1126.
South West Water have the highest water charges in the country.

  Bingalau 17:50 25 Mar 2008

Water rates are separate of course they amounted to about £50 a month last year. I have recently gone over to a meter and am now paying about £20 a month.

  georgemac © 17:55 25 Mar 2008


Band D - Council Tax - frozen @ £1,141. Also have to add on Water £178.20 and Sewarage £201.33, total £1520.53

We don't really have much local services either. Have to live in the big cities if you want better services, free museums, decent public transport etc but I would rather be in the sticks!

  john bunyan 18:29 25 Mar 2008

Why is it that pension increases are pegged to inflation (if you are lucky) but Council Tax is not ? I noticed the local Police (Hampshire)element went up 15% last year and over 8% this year. I suspect a large part is in providing pensions for (early) retirement. The Police have an unenviable task and are appreciated but "productivity" should pay for increases above inflation , as it should for other parts of the Council Tax.If state employees want pay equal to private sector the pension provision must come in line.

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