Northerners Urged To Move South

  day2strike 12:23 13 Aug 2008

Northerners should move to the South East if they want to improve their quality of life, a radical report claims. Conservative-leaning think tank Exchange Policy argues that a mass internal migration is the only solution to a decade of failed efforts to regenerate northern cities.

The report authors say coastal cities like Liverpool and Sunderland have "lost much of their raison d'etre" with the decline of shipping.

These places had "little prospect of offering their residents the standard of living to which they aspire", the report adds. "No one is suggesting that residents should be forced to move, but we do argue that they should be told the reality of the position," it concludes.

The authors included Tim Leunig, a lecturer at the London School of Economics, who admits the findings might be seen as "plain barmy".

But he says: "The issue is clear: current regeneration policies are failing the very people they are supposed to be helping. "There is no evidence that the trend will be reversed without radical changes. Internal migration has always been an important part of a dynamic economy."

The Government rejected the findings, saying it is committed to sustained regeneration and investment in public services.

The Conservatives said the report did not reflect party policy.

  anskyber 12:36 13 Aug 2008
  Grey Goo 12:39 13 Aug 2008

Why not just concrete over the Isle-of-Wight and everbody can live there, alternatively you could tell these "acedemics" to do what hermaphrodites do.

  Brumas 12:41 13 Aug 2008

My Gast is completely Flabbered - silly season continueth!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:22 13 Aug 2008

Aye, but if we move ta south that would makes us southerners an we'ed hay ta learn a new language.


  newman35 13:32 13 Aug 2008

My hope would be that if everyone (bar me, of course) moved south, then there's a chance Southern England would tip into the Channel and all residents would float over to France - housing crisis solved in a stroke!!

  Clapton is God 13:52 13 Aug 2008

"but if we move ta south that would makes us southerners an we'ed hay ta learn a new language".

Which is the point I made at 9:58 this morning in the 'original' thread on this subject.
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I suppose it means that there'd be a sudden upsurge of business for English language teachers in the South. ;-)

  johndrew 14:02 13 Aug 2008

Actually it would be quite a good thing to happen in many ways as those of us who live in the crowded south would have the opportunity to move to the wide open - and cheaper - northern spaces. Given that we already speak English and all those who don`t (Fruit Bat /\0/\??) would have moved south we would hardly need to worry about dialect.

Oooooo ecky thump ;-)

  Seth Haniel 14:20 13 Aug 2008

thought that the South was made up of Northerners who commute down every morning. And back again at tea time.

  Clapton is God 14:27 13 Aug 2008

"who commute down every morning. And back again at tea time"

No, that's Essex girls (and boys) ....

  spuds 15:33 13 Aug 2008

Its a good job that we have motorway systems for all this moving over the divide lines. Bit like the Norman Tebbitt days of 'on your bike' ;o)

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