Northern Ireland, the impossible just took longer

  Diemmess 19:55 26 Mar 2007

Agreement between the main protagonists to sit together in a new assembly has happened.... today!

I can only hope that this is the start of something which men of violence will find difficult to disrupt the longer it continues.

I'm willing to be corrected, but unless my memory is way off, the last notional Prime Minister of N.I. was the late Brian Falkner who on the break-up of the Assembly in March 1972, stomped out of Stormont and when a Beeb reporter asked him "What happened Sir" replied -
"Ask that demon priest in there!"

Mercifully, economic circumstances have changed so much in favour of Eire, that perhaps there is no longer any stomach left for political upheval once more.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:50 26 Mar 2007

I never thought you would get those two in the same room without them trying to kill each other.

It will be nice to see Ireland peaceful again!

  Forum Editor 22:55 26 Mar 2007

there's a long way to go yet, and a good deal of animosity still to deal with if I'm any judge.

  Z1100 23:17 26 Mar 2007

Even when (as a Catholic)I was patrolling the Streets and Fields out there I was convinced he was more of a bigot than any other person in the whole 6 counties.

Members of the I.R.A. have scrawled the slogan on walls and shouted it out in British courts: (even at me) "Our day will come." I have hope for the future, as even in the 80's the young people we spoke to on both sides had a notion for peace but a fear of the Gunmen. Maybe 'Their Day Has Come'.


  Forum Editor 23:48 26 Mar 2007

that we're not going to get into any sectarian discussions here.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:53 26 Mar 2007

and I am truly thankfull for that. But I wonder if the army are employing skills learned in the provinces in their current situation in Iraq?


  anskyber 00:00 27 Mar 2007

Well it is a great step even if there are problems along the way. The alternative is not what anyone wants whatever the history or resentment which will linger on, perhaps forever.

But, there is a chance that democracy will win out and if one day it leads to a united Ireland then it is an outcome which each side should honour.

It will be a long time.

  Ranger 00:30 27 Mar 2007

The visit before last I made to Belfast I stayed in a B&B and the lady who was born and bred in Belfast said to me in a discussion about the troubles
" at one time, whether you were with the Loyalist or the Republican paramilitaries you maybe had a cause, now it's just drugs, vice and making money that the IRA, UVF etc are interested in and that there is more trouble with factions moving in on one anothers territory as opposed to the original toubles"

This came through repeatedly when speaking to most of the ordinary people of Belfast, the extremist are now more gangsters than fighting for a cause is the impression I got.

  Al94 00:50 27 Mar 2007

Ranger - you are 100% correct, the worst of the blackmailers and extortionists amongst other things are the UDA and this is how the wonderful UK idiot government recognises them! click here Mid you, that pales into insignificence compared to the local folklore ( and more reputable sources ) that suggest that the Northern Bank £26M raid was a contrived "pension fund" for the IRA sponsored by a certain UK based individual who had a vested interest in "solving" the Irish situation before retiring!

  Diemmess 09:24 27 Mar 2007

This happening was something I had never expected to see while Paisley is still a figurehead.

MATT in todays Telegraph puts it best

  lisa02 11:22 27 Mar 2007

It is the Gangster-terrorist--racketeering-drug dealers that still need to be dealt with. On a daily basis I see these people, who haven't worked a day in their lives, driving 4x4's, draped in jewelery, own big houses and have several holidays a year. Then round the other corner you see youths doing drugs, beating people up and robbing to fund their habits.

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