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Northern Ireland Assembly Reconvenes After...

  Quickbeam 08:12 12 Jan 2020

...3 years out in the wilderness.

Just thought I mention it seeing as everyone appears to be engrossed in the gossiping goings on with the Royals...

  Cymro. 09:59 12 Jan 2020

It has always rather amazed me just how little notice is taken this side of the Irish Sea as to what goes on in Ulster. Even when things were at their worst it took a lot of deaths before notice was taken.

  Quickbeam 10:52 12 Jan 2020

It amazes me how they can just sort it all out at the drop of a hat when the DUP lose their influence in Parliament.

  Al94 10:52 12 Jan 2020

Fortunately there is now a Secretary of State for NI who is prepared to knock heads together and make things happen. All the recent incumbents since Mo Mowlam have been worse than useless.

  john bunyan 10:55 12 Jan 2020

Good news , I hope. Both DUP and Sinn Fein lost votes due to public frustration over their tardiness

  Quickbeam 12:35 12 Jan 2020

True JB, I think that the people of NI are starting to see that the old parties of division no longer are the right parties to take them forward.

  Al94 17:23 12 Jan 2020

JB there was no election, the threat of one if agreement not reached by tomorrow was enough to make the DUP and SS apparently agree as they both knew they would suffer badly. Two years until next elections in the ordinary course of things. They both did lose ground in the GE.

  john bunyan 21:03 12 Jan 2020


I was referring to the recent General Election when I said they had lost votes. That was a warning that may be reinforced at the NI election?

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