Non-copy file format? (followup)

  gengiscant 09:25 11 Sep 2010

I posted in July about the run-around I was receiving from my local NHS here this is in relation to a formal complaint lodged against said NHS here
Yesterday I received two disks 1 CD and 1 DVD both containing about 9mins or 136 Mb's of Video-Fluoroscopy's I had undertaken this year. There should have been three different files. But it’s a start. For some reason they were delivered by courier, perhaps that because I have instigated a legal action against the records department.
So here I have two disks and being unable to tell which video relates to which particular date this year as they were both labelled exactly the same with both dates printed on them. The address and phone number was of the hospital trust photographic dept so I gave them a call and asked them if they could tell me which file related to which date. There is very little difference between them to say honestly which is which. The first file, which I did not receive, would be very easy to pinpoint.
Unfortunately I have to return them and they will be redone and correctly dated. The point of the post, as I have rambled a bit, is that I asked what file format the x-ray machines recorded in, it is
DICOM, click here and the accompanying letter I got with the disks was that the NHS trust had been provided with special software which solved the technical problems in transferring the images. Am I convinced, I think not? I very much doubt that I am the first person to ask for a copy of these types of files. Most people I suspect might have believed that the transfer of files was not possible; I cannot believe that I am the first person who thought that they were talking rubbish.
By the way this is a Video-fluoroscopy type file. click here

  Kevscar1 12:40 11 Sep 2010

can you right click the files and see if the properties will allow you to work out which is which.

  john bunyan 13:50 11 Sep 2010

I have bought x ray and NRI scan copies for my wife on a regular basis ( I think £25 charge) They seem to have buit in software to view thm, and are quite easy to copy to send for another opiniin.

  gengiscant 14:09 11 Sep 2010

They were both transfered on the same day,so no clues there. At the end of the day there should/could have been 3 files correctly dated on 1 CD/DVD. Once the powers know that you are instigating a complaint procedure, every obstacle is put in your way,no matter how minor in the hope that you will just throw in the towel.

john bunyan
I have no intention of paying for something that may prove that negligence has occurred. I am entitled to these records and am quite prepared to overcome all the obstacles they might believe will dissuade me from carrying on with my complaint.

  Kevscar1 14:25 11 Sep 2010


I know my medical records have ben changed so that it looks as if the surgen did not know about my problems until August instead of 7th July and the hand treapists only saw me for 5 times a week for 2 weeks rather than 6.
Have spoken to a DS about tampering and how it can be 100% proved, she stated if they investigate now it could be claimed it was an accident and correct records supplied. If we wait until the court case and they swear on oath then can't claim accident and she can have them on perjury charges as well.

  gengiscant 16:15 11 Sep 2010

I have discovered that the so called investigation when a complaint is first made is to get a copy of your records make a couple of very informal and friendly phone calls to a couple of people who may or may not have much input of the case. Send a response to the complainer stating a very though investigation has taken place, an investigation that does not involve contacting the complainer by the way, in the hope you will be mollified by their response and go away. Not Me.
Their negligence has given me all the time I need to pursue this matter.

  Kevscar1 15:38 12 Sep 2010

My complaints won't go in until after the court case, then they will be to not only the hospital but in the surgeons case the GMC and the HPC for the hand therapists.

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