non biological washing powder

  iqs 17:32 12 Feb 2010

Been told by a dermatologist I should use a non biological washing powder.
Simple I thought......Paid a visit to Asda,only to find an whole aisle full of various brands.Being a bloke I'm not that knowledgeable of things related to washing/washing machines etc...
So any suggestions from personal use please...

  wiz-king 17:52 12 Feb 2010

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Do a laundry range, you may have to shop around to find it. Ariel used to do a non-bio and so did Daz and Persil. I found the Ecover was the least irritating and Persil the worst for my skin. I have no problems with the Arial bio liquid though.

  Brumas 18:01 12 Feb 2010

Contrary to public opinion I am not thick skinned so I use FAIRY NON-BIO WASHING POWDER, if it is gentle/good enough for a baby's skin it is good enough for moi ;o)
"it does not contain any enzymes and therefore should be better for those with sensitive skin"

  sunnystaines 18:11 12 Feb 2010

we use Ecover as well

  jack 20:30 12 Feb 2010

Do Ecover

  Input Overload 20:42 12 Feb 2010

The rinsing abilities of your washer also make a difference.

  iqs 22:13 12 Feb 2010

Thank you for all the recommendations and help.Will pay ASDA another visit tomorrow.
Thanks again

  morddwyd 08:24 13 Feb 2010

Some of the modern washing machines take the green message so seriously that they have cut down too far on the rinse cycles.

We usually have to select an extra rinse to make sure all the soap is removed.

  Demora 08:46 13 Feb 2010

Lidl Also do a range of non bio powder and tablets etc. Not bad stuff for the price.

We also found that fabric softener can cause some skin flare ups. Comfort Sensitive is ok though


  wiz-king 09:31 13 Feb 2010

Also found that hanging the clothes on an airer to finish drying was better than using a tumble drier. Just clutters up the bathroom a bit more!

  Chegs ®™ 11:23 13 Feb 2010

I break out in a rash from many things but have used Fairy Non-Bio with no problem(allergic to dairy/citrus/soap products,and suffer worse rashes in warmer weather)

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