And the nominations are......

  Forum Editor 23:47 10 Mar 2010

The internet has been nominated to receive a Nobel Peace prize.

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Our forefathers would wonder what on earth we're up to, but is it such a daft idea?

  wee eddie 00:08 11 Mar 2010

although 'who' would receive the goodies is somewhat debatable.

The Internet has enabled many to post the misdemeanours of those that would prefer their behaviour not to be broadcast. Luckily for us all, there are 'nerds', 'dweebs' or whatever derogatory term that one cares to use about them, who are able to circumnavigate the restrictions that 'some' Government's place on the net to cover their maladministration.

  mrwoowoo 00:15 11 Mar 2010

"but is it such a daft idea?"
For all the good things it does it also has a flip side.
Just google around to find sites promoting terrorism and holy war. You can even find out how to build a bomd of any kind you like, to do with as you wish.
Not to mention racism, homophobia, sado masochism or even the Ku klux Klan.
I've also seen members of our forums getting a bit abusive and irate with each other. (O:!
Nobel peace prize?..... Do me a favour.

  mrwoowoo 00:16 11 Mar 2010

bomd = bomb.
Obviously i don't know how to build one. )O:!

  mrwoowoo 00:35 11 Mar 2010

Perhaps we could give it to the crew of the Enola gay, for all the lives that they saved by ending the war early. *raises eyebrows*

  wiz-king 05:46 11 Mar 2010

I vote for the FE to have the diploma to use as a mouse mat for his silver deleting mouse. Better to keep peace with on these forums.

  Snec 08:39 11 Mar 2010

There must be 1000s of instances where the internet creates an erstwhile perfect domestic peacefulness. Husband playing online poker and wifey watching telly in separate rooms. Bliss!

  Simsy 08:51 11 Mar 2010

"thinking out of the box"... and I wonder if such thinking had taken place several generations back the same prize could have been awarded, for the same reason(s) to;

The Global Telephone Network
Radio/Television Broadcasting
Print Journalism

I haven't read the details of the proposal, but surely whatever arguments are put forward for the internet for a peace prize, could also apply to these other communication media.

(Obviously some organs have a better claim than other!)

You could even stretch the though process somewhat and include the various transport infrastructures as candidates. Where would it stop?

Is it a daft idea. I'm not sure, but it's certainly a modern one!



  morddwyd 10:45 11 Mar 2010

Since that well known envoy for world peace, Yasser Arafat, was once a recipient I think the committee's deliberations have little relevance in the real world.

  interzone55 11:05 11 Mar 2010

Arafat's prize was shared with Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin for "to honour a political act which called for great courage on both sides, and which has opened up opportunities for a new development towards fraternity in the Middle East."

So I think in the light of the admittedly short lived peace agreement that prize was deserved at the time, although hindsight suggests otherwise.

Barak Obama's prize was, in my opinion, totally undeserved.

Nicolae Ceau?escu once nominated himself for the Nobel Peace Prize, now I'd like to have been privy to the prize panel's deliberations on that one...

  Kevscar1 11:53 11 Mar 2010

Seconded sometime these forums are like a warzone. The nice thing is when ever anybody is in trouble everything is put aside.

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