No Time

  ulrich 20:07 16 Feb 2008

Why do I keep hearing that people these days have No Time for cooking. Now D Smith has brought out a cook book with ready mash and Tinned Mince,
I go to work at 0730 and come home at 1800 and I still manage to cook a fresh meal for my son [lone parent], go shopping do the washing, fix my car or motorbike, read a lot. I never eat ready food as it tastes rubbish.
So is there anybody out there that is really so busy?

  rdave13 20:18 16 Feb 2008

Not too busy but we sometimes buy a 'ready meal', usually by a well known company, as they're quite tasty. Not all ready foods are rubbish in my opinion, though, some of the cheaper ones can be a bit dire.

  bluto1 23:15 16 Feb 2008

For about 1 year a long time ago I worked in the
"ready food" industry. When I left I vowed never to buy or eat ready cooked food. So far so good.

  rdave13 23:37 16 Feb 2008

Then don't buy any confectionary or fresh bread from a bakery or any processed foods. Hope your allotment can keep you going throughout the year..:)

  Blackhat 23:49 16 Feb 2008

Me and Mrs.B used to cook every night. Now I run my own company and Mrs.B has an internet business 24/7. We DO have time but sometimes we just can’t be bothered. But neither of us would buy ready meals. We have seen various tv progs about ready meals and I for one would also include in flight meals on my black list. We eat out as an alternative, I know that is not an option for all financially but to answer your question, we are very busy, we could make time but we can afford an alternative. A few years ago I would have said things differently but life changes.

  IClaudio 00:06 17 Feb 2008

"I never eat ready food as it tastes rubbish."

Then you're missing out... Try this: a can of M+S Steak and Kidney (maybe a parsnip or two mixed in to give it a bit more body) in a pie dish, ready-rolled Puff Pastry over the top and glazed with beaten egg, in the oven for 20 minutes - your son will be eternally grateful!

I got the DS book today, but this recipe came from her "How to Cheat" column a few years ago...

  rdave13 00:07 17 Feb 2008

Good for you and your wife. Successful business and you can afford to go out and buy ready meals with table thrown in.
Definition of 'ready meals' ? What do the restraunts you use; use as food products? Frozen peas, perhaps? Ready processed chickens maybe? Chopped onions from a box?

  Forum Editor 08:47 17 Feb 2008

available nowadays, and I think it's a little rash to dismiss them all out of hand as "it tastes rubbish."

It does depend a little on what you define as a 'ready' meal - as opposed to a 'pre-prepared' one. Very few professional chefs would make their own puff-pastry for instance, because the pre-prepared stuff is so good. Some of the Tesco and Marks & Spencers pre-prepared meals are delicious, and made from high-quality ingredients. They taste as good as anything the average person could make, and probably better in many cases.

Some people would define Fish-fingers, oven chips and frozen peas as a home-made meal, because they cook them themselves, but all the work of preparation has been done by a factory.

My wife has a professional cooking qualification which took her three years to obtain, yet we happily eat pre-prepared food quite often. Lots of people (us included) have better things to do nowadays than spend ages cooking everything from scratch for every meal.

  ulrich 08:47 17 Feb 2008

I would eat it but prefer to make my own, but my son wouln't as he doesn't like kidney, also I do not have a M and S near me.

  Bingalau 09:54 17 Feb 2008

If any of you are curry eaters, I suggest buying tins of beef curry from Lidl. Nice juicy lumps of meat and I have hardly ever found any fatty bits in them. I boil some spuds and just pour half a tin over the top, add a portion of Marrowfat peas. a couple of slices of bread and butter. and I am in heaven. The other half of the tin of curry goes with a bag of chips the next day usually. Also heavenly, I don't know if those are "ready meals" but I am always ready to eat them.

  Cymro. 10:15 17 Feb 2008

"Lots of people (us included) have better things to do nowadays than spend ages cooking everything from scratch for every meal".

I think F.E. is on the right track here as not everyone likes to spend all their time in the kitchen. There is I think a bit of snobbery about such things as ready meals.

Just because it is factory made does not mean that it is rubbish. Lets face it the way some people cook you would be better off buying ready made.

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