No News Broadcasts For Me For a While

  Menzie 16:04 15 Oct 2018

Turned on the TV this morning to watch my usual morning show. Nothing but news on the Royal Baby.

Switched between all 5 local stations broadcasting morning shows and they were all focused on exactly that same subject.

Thankfully I had cable so was able to switch to a comedy channel and watch something else.

Looks like Netflix and other channels for a long while in the mornings.

I'll get the weather from my phone.

  Menzie 18:52 16 Oct 2018

Wow how are you going to keep up with the Brexit fiasco if you do not watch or listen to the latest news.

Thanks to Google I have all the news I need and can stop it from providing articles on my feed of no interest.

So far it fetches me results from various teams across several sports, news from several parts of the world, the weather, and technical articles.

Sadly I may hear things from co-workers or even family. My Aunt in the Caribbean for instance has a cabinet filled with royal memorabilia including fancy decorative plates, mugs and figurines.

  Forum Editor 07:53 17 Oct 2018

I have lost count of the things I have learnt from watching or reading news coverage which, at first sight seemed to be of 'no interest'.

News feeds are fine when you are, say, doing research on a specific topic, but if you want to be generally well-informed it's probably better to read a decent news site, or watch the news on a couple of TV channels.

  wee eddie 09:09 17 Oct 2018

Radio 4, any time in the morning and Friday night's Question Time

  Menzie 13:27 17 Oct 2018

I did watch the news on tv this morning. The press has temporarily moved on as Marijuana has been made legal in parts of Canada as of today.

So that's pretty much what everybody was covering.

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