No News Broadcasts For Me For a While

  Menzie 16:04 15 Oct 2018

Turned on the TV this morning to watch my usual morning show. Nothing but news on the Royal Baby.

Switched between all 5 local stations broadcasting morning shows and they were all focused on exactly that same subject.

Thankfully I had cable so was able to switch to a comedy channel and watch something else.

Looks like Netflix and other channels for a long while in the mornings.

I'll get the weather from my phone.

  Quickbeam 19:06 15 Oct 2018

I'm sure that you were as 'delighted' as everyone else apparently was on hearing it...

  bumpkin 19:17 15 Oct 2018

Do I detect a hint of sarcasm Mr Quickbeam:-)

  Old Deuteronomy 20:51 15 Oct 2018

I can see the Private Eye front page: Woman Gets Pregnant.

  john bunyan 21:10 15 Oct 2018

Some forecast an American name. If a boy maybe Prince Chuck ? The Royals should be levied a charge ifor newsprint- more trees wasted on royal “news” than on any other items

  Aitchbee 21:55 15 Oct 2018

Diana [8/1] or Arthur [12/1] are currently the bookies' favourites.

  bumpkin 22:38 15 Oct 2018

Another mouth for us to feed and rejoice about.

  Govan1x 10:53 16 Oct 2018

Wow how are you going to keep up with the Brexit fiasco if you do not watch or listen to the latest news.

Probably putting the royal couple as the main news will probably hide the real news about how this government is in melt down.

  Cymro. 12:43 16 Oct 2018

As someone who doesn't believe in a monarchy all I have to say is that apparently this particular Royal Wedding was not paid for entirely by the taxpayer.

  LastChip 16:03 16 Oct 2018

Prince Chuck john bunyan? Nah; more like Prince Randy ;-)

  Forum Editor 18:02 16 Oct 2018

"more trees wasted on royal “news” than on any other items"

That's because - like it or not - millions of your fellow citizens are interested in the Royal family. There is also huge interest in other countries.

Survey after survey has shown that people the world over are interested in our queen and her family. Programmes like 'The Crown' on Netflix get big audiences. The first series cost over £97 million to make, and was watched by 10% of the entire Netflix audience - more than any other series at the time.

Harry and Meghan are hugely popular, and her pregnancy will be newsworthy all the way to the birth. Stand by for even more trees to be chopped down.

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