no Mote Brain Surgery For Me

  morddwyd 08:48 20 Jan 2018

Just an update for those who have been trying to help with my vision problems over the last few months after a visit to out patients this week, the eye surgeon insists that a be registered as "Vision Impaired" so I have to bite the bullet.

I don't mind putting my plans to be a brain surgeon on hold but it's frustrating no longer being able to get to the hard disc and memory banks on my laptop!

  Forum Editor 09:57 20 Jan 2018

I sympathise, but I'm afraid it's life being life - all kinds of things can go wrong as we age.

Fortunately, there seems to be nothing wrong with your mind so perhaps things could be worse.

I couldn't help noticing that your eyesight has deteriorated to a greater extent in recent months - your fingers occasionally miss the intended key when you're posting. You've been here for a very long time, and I'm sure you'll be with us for a long time to come - I certainly hope it's the case.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:33 20 Jan 2018

it's frustrating no longer being able to get to the hard disc and memory banks on my laptop!

Probably not so much as your eyes being the problem but the manufacturers seem to make things harder. HDDs and memory used to be under flaps on the bottom of the case, nowadays they are hidden under the keyboard or some other inaccessible spot.

The frustrating thing about getting older is you physically can't do those jobs you used to and have to rely on others to help out. All you can do is prepare for the future, My eyes have been getting worse and I've been busy collecting audio books and storing on the PC and configuring my Google home to play them via voice control, plus automating somethings round the house.

As speech recognition has come on so fast in the last few years I sure it won't be long before we stop typing into our computers and just talk to them instead, so I'm sure you'll be around on the forum for a few years yet. :0)

  Brumas 10:35 20 Jan 2018

morddwyd, if they give you a guide dog get someone to check it is not a Dalmatian otherwise you will be seeing dots permanently ;o}]

Commiserations old pal, carry on for as long as you can and don't lose your sense of humour ;o}

  morddwyd 11:32 20 Jan 2018


The old ones are the best ones! How did I know there'd be something about spots before the eyes!


The reason it's worse is that the wet amd, which is treatable, has turned into the dry amd, which is not. However, as you say, things could be much worse, and as I've posted elsewhere, my stock answer, when asked ho I am, is that I am better off than many others!

My concern now is that living alone and being disabled and on the "vulnerable"list I'll have to accept some sort of care, and lose some independence! as I posted some years ago, I've already been threatened with a compulsorily cafe order! Still, if that's the worst of my worries .....!

  john bunyan 14:25 20 Jan 2018


Good luck with your treatment; as has been said, at least your brain seems ok! Maybe, says he with tongue in cheek, it’s time to consider a new romantic attachment?

  martd7 14:40 20 Jan 2018


Sorry to hear that,hope all goes ok,I'd advise you accept the care,my Dad wouldn't accept care he wouldn't open the door,too independent and he didn't want to lose it, eventually he agreed to it and loved it so much he couldn't wait for the carer to come

  morddwyd 09:14 21 Jan 2018


Thanks for the advice about care.

I'm afraid my views are coloured a bit by my wife's care, 20 minutes a day for which she was charged £88 Week, around £40 an hour!

That sort of expense I hope to avoid as long as possible.

  martd7 10:23 21 Jan 2018

That's an awful lot of money,dad had 2hrs a day from carers,at a cost of £90 a month

  BT 09:02 22 Jan 2018


Are you sure, that's only about £1.50 an hour.

  martd7 09:54 22 Jan 2018

BT Yeah I looked after my dad for 5years and dealt with his finances,he was assessed on his ability to pay,they needed statements of all income and out goings,maximum payment was £200 a month,Dad was assessed at £90,i assume all councils do the same based on your ability to pay

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