No more working for Nothing Maybe

  Govan1x 09:53 19 Mar 2018

Noticed that a bill making its way through Parliament at the moment that having to work for nothing while training in any job is to be scrapped.

I would say not before time.

My grand daughter who is at university has to work for 6 weeks at an animal shelter for nothing. She could have a job and get paid for it to help her survive at Uni but no she has to work for free. While she was at college she had to work for 6 weeks at a dog kennel unpaid.

That is only one instance of people that have to work for nothing there must be loads more.

It is only a bill at the moment so have no idea if it will get passed or not. but as it has been put forward by an MP from north of the border maybe not.

Saying that it seems to have backing from all party's so it is a wait and see scenario.

Any thoughts on the matter a good idea of scrapping it or not.

  carver 10:03 20 Mar 2018

Wee eddie, little girls at riding schools normally are there because they "enjoy" being there, being near horses and caring for them and getting a "free" ride for a couple of hours work, sometimes "free" lessons also. My daughter has trainees from uni to work for 6 weeks at a time and she does pay them, maybe not full rate but they get freebies on top of that. A riding lesson from my daughter is £30 an hour which is given free.

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