No more Mr Nice Guy

  Kevscar1 06:35 07 Nov 2012

For 2 years niw I have asked requested pleaded and even begged the Government to do something to find the un/mis diagnosed sufferers of my condition add to inform the whole of the medical proffession of it's exsistance and how seriuos it is. The DOH won't eve send out one e-mail to every Trust Hospital surgery and clinic in the land despite me offering to pay the cost of one person doing it. Now it's time to play hardball. I haven't read a newspaper in over 3 years so I need to know which is the most virulent anti- government out their because I have a story that#s going to make a lot of people angry.

  HondaMan 08:20 07 Nov 2012

Suggest you also contact TV. Panorama or Watchdog might be interested.

  Kevscar1 09:22 07 Nov 2012

Already sent worldwide awarenss campaign to panorama hadn't thought of watchdog

  Chronos the 2nd 09:46 07 Nov 2012

I have had a bit of trouble with my local health board and discovered that integrity and honesty play no part in the well paid bureaucracy that exists within my health board.

I discovered,after 3 years of digging, using the Freedom of Information act and cultivating contacts that my local health boards complaints department had not carried out a full and proper investigation of my complaint in to treatment for cancer,that because of delays and mistakes have left me permanently impaired. I also discovered that the lack of professional competence had been going on for some time so I would imagine that many people would have had the same poor service that I had had and thought that this should be exposed.

To cut this story short I wrote to my local paper and a national paper, I did not get as much as an acknowledgement. So I would not put to much faith in the papers coming to your aid. Perhaps if you were related to a "celebrity" even a Z lister will do, you might have better luck.

You can also forget about so called independent bodies, such as ombudsmen as they tend to be worse than useless,in fact in my case the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman said that as there were changes in the pipeline for the complaints department he felt that it would not help by rocking the boat as this time.

  wee eddie 09:57 07 Nov 2012

Interestingly, you haven't mentioned the name of your condition.

What is it that you have?

  Forum Editor 11:43 07 Nov 2012

You need to understand that Newspapers and TV companies get approaches like this on a regular basis, as do various government departments.

That isn't a reason for not pursuing your chosen course of action, but perhaps it would be an idea to think about how you set about it. Your approach needs to be as professional as you can make it. Forget about home-produced videos etc., and concentrate on a properly written, thoroughly researched .

If you quote statistics make sure they can be verified, and provide attributions. Keep the language calm and unemotional - you're talking to hard-bitten professionals who have heard it all before. Don't waste time with criticisms of the NHS and the medical profession in general - it will not win you any friends. Medical professionals in particular are inundated with paper from all kinds of sources.

Avoid the 'time to play hardball' attitude, it will get you nowhere, neither will attacks on the government. When you want to get results you do it by engaging with people, not by vilifying them.

  lotvic 12:10 07 Nov 2012

wee eddie, Kevscar1 has RSD. It is excruciatingly painful and then some.

  interzone55 13:31 07 Nov 2012

Daily Mail is probably favourite, they absolutely hate good news stories, so yours is perfect

  Kevscar1 14:50 07 Nov 2012

It's not about me it's about the fact that they have known for 2 years that the slightest trauma something as trivial as a sprained wrist or a twisted ankle can cause this. Yet they have refused to tell anyone and that includes the group who are most likely to suffer trauma.

  Al94 15:21 07 Nov 2012

The potential for RSD to arise from trivial injuries seems to have been documented for some time It must be excruciating to suffer from and you have my sympathy but as FE has said, you will need facts and verifiable stastics.

  Al94 15:23 07 Nov 2012

I'm sure you are already aware of these links

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