No longer feel deprived

  It's Me 20:15 22 Oct 2004

At last. I can see one of these, 'till now, mythical adverts. HP's,win a trip down under.
Why I've not seen them before I don't know, but they certainly were not there this afternoon, and I assume from previous posts that they have been there for quite some time.

I really must get this PC exorcised. Anyone know of a good place to get it done.

  It's Me 21:14 22 Oct 2004

It must have been a phantom. It's not there anymore.

Perhaps it is a new type of advertising that is designed to baffle.

  It's Me 21:54 22 Oct 2004

Now a different one has appeared. Something about, of all things, underpants! I daren't click this one!

Am I alone in all this?

  It's Me 21:57 22 Oct 2004

I don't believe this. That's gone.

  stalion 22:10 22 Oct 2004

stop talking to yourself they will be coming to get you lol

  feb 22:14 22 Oct 2004

Have you seen the one about "Men in white coats" yet?

  end 22:18 22 Oct 2004

where was it? a floating ad or what:)

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