No it isn't ...

  Nontek 12:47 22 Jul 2013

According to BBC News, the whole country is excited. Hmm, I don't think so!

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  Forum Editor 12:49 22 Jul 2013

But huge numbers of people are, and not just at home - there's an enormous amount of interest abroad.

  Nontek 12:52 22 Jul 2013

I don't know anybody locally who is excited about the royal birth-to-be, certainly no sign of it around town here in Pompey.

Anybody else outside of London who has seen any signs of excitment?

  fourm member 12:59 22 Jul 2013

I just hope we don't get the sort of communal hysteria that happened when Diana died.

I'm sure some people are excited but I hope they won't think I'm a bad person for not joining in with that excitement.

A woman is having a baby. Of course, I hope it goes well but no more so than I do for all the other babies born every day around the world.

  fourm member 13:18 22 Jul 2013

"Now on BBC News, we go over to Dublin for the latest on the situation in Moscow."

The studio-based newsreader has been kicked out to stand outside the hospital and say 'The next news will come from Buckingham Palace'.

  Flak999 14:03 22 Jul 2013

The hysterical coverage of this is verging on the ridiculous, so a woman is having a baby! I believe hundreds of other women do the same every day?

It is a matter of complete indifference to me what she has or when she has it.

I think the only time I might show a smidgeon of interest would be if she gave birth to Puff the magic dragon. Unless that happens I shall keep the TV and radio turned off until this whole awful pantomime reaches it's inevitable conclusion!

  Nontek 14:54 22 Jul 2013


Couldn't agree more!

  bumpkin 15:03 22 Jul 2013

Nontek, no Street Party in your road then:-) Just another mouth for us to feed.

  bumpkin 15:07 22 Jul 2013

That means I agree with you, not worded very well.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:08 22 Jul 2013

"the whole country is excited. Hmm, I don't think so!"

I share that sentiment.

  Aitchbee 15:13 22 Jul 2013

... I do hope Kate has twins with red hair ... 66/1.

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