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No hot water when using the bath

  ponytail 08:30 07 Jun 2015

We seem to have no hot water when we use the bath not really hot enough.The water is hot when you turn the tap on on the hand basin and there is nice hot water when we use the shower which uses the boiler.We only use the bath if we want a soak and as my wife had some backache she thought a nice hot saoak would help but the water was only just warm.Can someone explain what the problem may be

  Pine Man 09:00 07 Jun 2015

In theory, according to your description, the hot water that comes out of the basin and shower is the same that would be supplied to your bath and should be the same temperature. If you have a combi boiler it maybe that the demand from the bath, being greater than the demand would be for either the basin or shower, is too much for it to cope with and may need adjustment.

  Ventad 09:18 07 Jun 2015

I would assume from what you have said that you have a combination boiler with the domestic hot water from the boiler connected to the shower , basin and the sink in the kitchen . This would mean that the hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard is either attached to to the heating side of the combi, as govanx mentioned it could be the 3 way valve next to the cylinder not working properly (are you getting heating when you are calling for hot water?) or have you turned down the heating control on the boiler seeing that it is now getting warmer ? This would mean that when the cylinder is calling for heat the boiler water is not hot enough to heat the cylinder to the required temperature. Or that it is not attached to the heating side of the boiler and is stand alone using electric immersion heater, really need more information.

  ponytail 10:12 07 Jun 2015

Our boiler which is a Glow Worm Ultracon supplies the hot water to all the taps in the house and they are all fine except for the bath.We do not have a hot water cylinder.We have a electric shower in the main bathroom.The thermostat for the heating is turned off but when turned on works fine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:33 07 Jun 2015

Probably the combi bolier rplaced an old system and you have large 22mm pipes to the bath.

This allowed the bath to fill quickly from the old hot water tank.

However the combi boiler heats water as it passes through, if the flow is fast as through 22mm pipes then the water isn't there long enough to get heated enough.

Remedy is to only turn the bath tap on halfway and let the bath fill slowly.

  bumpkin 11:13 07 Jun 2015

Has it been like this since installed or is it a new occurence.

  Ventad 11:14 07 Jun 2015

According to the specs of the boiler the volume of domestic hot water is preset at the factory. So unless it has gone wrong or been changed the temperature set should be within the temperature parameters and should be approx same to all outlets except perhaps if one is on a long run and possibly cooling down. Specs for the different boilers below.

5.11 Domestic Water Flow Rate The domestic hot water flow has a restrictor, factory fitted, which reduces the flow to a maximum of, 8.0 l/min for 24cxi, 12.0 l/min for 30cxi and 15.5 l/min for 38cxi.

  Ventad 11:26 07 Jun 2015

Just a thought, has this just happened or has it happened since installation of the boiler?

If so do you have a bath mixer tap and could it possibly be that the cold tap was turned on partially whilst filling the bath.

  Ventad 11:29 07 Jun 2015

Sorry Bumkin

Did not see you already asked the question.

  ponytail 12:16 07 Jun 2015

We do not have any mixure taps and although it was not boiling hot before we had the new boiler fitted last year I would say it is a bit cooler now

  bumpkin 12:23 07 Jun 2015

What is the model number of the current one and was the old one also a combi or did you have a hot water cylinder previously.

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