No hiding place

  Al94 10:40 06 Dec 2007

Re the "missing" canoeist, it's amazing how this story unfolded click here - moral - avoid having your photo taken at all times!

  spuds 10:57 06 Dec 2007

Amazing people these single mothers. Given all the world resources for detection, she cracks it with a simple Google search.

And she wasn't joking ;o)

  octal 12:12 06 Dec 2007

It's a small world and getting smaller all the time.

  Bapou 12:47 06 Dec 2007

I wonder if the Google sarch will work for Lord Lucan's whereabouts?

  Bapou 12:48 06 Dec 2007

"sarch" read Search

  LegoTestPilot 13:01 06 Dec 2007

All a bit Reggie Perrin!

  Seth Haniel 13:36 06 Dec 2007

get lost in/from.
I vanished for a few years when an 'angry' ex filled my name in on the electoral register as my 'email nom-de-plume'
so for a period of three to four years i didn't exist in Hartlepool and my nom-de-plume got to vote (and receive junk mail)
Luckily I eventually intercepted the form and reinstated my proper name. ;)

  Earthsea 15:35 06 Dec 2007

I quite admire this couple for the sheer audaciousness of this attempted ruse, but agree they would be worthy nominations for the World's Dumbest Awards.

  Jak_1 15:47 06 Dec 2007

It seems, by the latest reports that it was fraud. Nothing to admire about that! Their children have decided they will have nothing more to do with their parents, sensible kids.

  Monoux 17:07 06 Dec 2007

I wonder why he came back to the UK. As I understand it although there is an extradition treaty with Panama no one has been extradited from there to the UK since the treaty was signed in 1907. If he had stayed there I wonder if they would have continued to get away with it

  spuds 17:49 06 Dec 2007

Where was passport control, or was it mini submarine :O)

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