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No financial help for pensioners

  iscanut 10:30 21 Mar 2020

As welcome as all the government financial schemes are, I note that there does not seem to be anything for us pensioners. As we are asked to stay at home, we will be using more gas, water and electricity than usualso it would have been nice to have had some help with these extra costs. I know we got fuel allowance but that is for the "normal" winter. However, I have just had a note saying that my State Pension is being increased by £8 per month so we can use that ! Also Tesco & Sainsburys are opening between 8am & 9am for OAPs BUT if I travel bu bus to get there , I have to pay as bus pass does not kick in until 9.30am !

  AroundAgain 17:32 21 Mar 2020

I've just looked on Google and it seems individual county councils are amending the times the bus passes can be used so that these passes can be used to get to the shops for the early slots for the vunerable etc.

I suggest you check out your own county council to check they have extended the times.

Good luck to all of you and hopefully, stay well ;)

  Al94 18:02 21 Mar 2020

I'm a pensioner and saving a fortune, no trips out, no coffee shops, no pubs, no expensive meal bills. I'll get bored but hopefully stay healthy and have a blast with the savings at some time in the future!

  Menzie 20:33 21 Mar 2020

Your buses are still taking a fare? In the interest of stopping the spread of the virus our city is running half capacity buses (social distancing). That means half the seats are cordoned off with yellow tape and no standing passengers.

They will be running more buses to pick up the other half that the buses won't be able to collect, and boarding is now done via the back door.

The only exception being the elderly or disabled as the front entrance is where the bus kneels and has a ramp.

The buses from the airport are also sanitised when they reach the bus terminal at the end of the journey.

  Forum Editor 22:52 21 Mar 2020

The London Freedom Pass (originally available to those over 60, but has increased by increments until in October of this year you will need to be over 66 to get one) is a free travel pass for London residents and can be used on the whole of the London Underground system, and on all Transport for London bus services at any time and most overground rail services in the London area. It is also valid on all buses in England between 09.30 and 23.30 on weekdays, and at anytime on weekends and Public holidays.

  BT 08:56 23 Mar 2020

However, I have just had a note saying that my State Pension is being increased by £8 per month

I had that too, but I also had a notice that my pension will be REDUCED by £70.00 a week which I receive for my Wife because Adult Dependants Allowance is being stopped.

  Teabag. 10:09 23 Mar 2020

Wow. That's a bit of a hit.

  iscanut 11:17 25 Mar 2020

Pablo...I did not say I was short of money, just commenting on the situation.

  Forum Editor 14:13 25 Mar 2020

Kent County Council has lifted all restrictions on bus passes for older people and many other authorities have done the same thing.

  john bunyan 11:19 28 Mar 2020

My local bus service is suspended.

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